denLAB Direct are a company that specialises in bespoke, custom fitted dental products. From clip on veneers to teeth grinding guards, anti-snoring devices to sports mouthguards, denLAB Direct have built a reputation for caring for your smile!

With no physical stores to speak of, however, denLAB Direct were relying entirely on their website and digital marketing efforts, and felt like they had yet to reach their full potential online. So, they turned to Digital Next to kick start their journey to online dominance!

Our team was briefed and given the task of designing and building a bespoke, ecommerce website, while also giving denLAB Direct’s SEO and PPC campaigns a complete makeover.

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Bespoke Web Design

Just like every smile is individual and unique, our team felt the same principle needed to apply to the new website. denLAB Direct wanted their new website to be fast, reliable and easy to use, while also being easy to manage.

Long gone are the days when the only way people browsed the web was on a desktop or laptop, with more and more people now using smartphones and tablets. By creating a responsive website, we were able to make sure that each visitor would have the same great browsing experience, regardless of the device they were using.

Responsive Elements

Creative Web Design

MAgento Ecommerce

Multi Channel Integration

Magento Ecommerce

With a wide range of different products sold through their website, there was no question over which ecommerce system to build the site on. The immense power, functionality and list of flexible features of Magento made it the perfect platform for this project. Magento makes it easy for staff to add or remove products, monitor stock levels, create custom promotions and so much more.

Multi-channel Integration

While their website is their main online store, denLAB Direct also sell their products all around the world on Amazon and eBay. To streamline the selling process, we integrated all of these channels into the new website. This meant that it all sales, no matter where they were made, would all come through Magento, making managing orders a breeze!


Our SEO team did a complete audit of the old website, and put together a thorough strategy to ensure the new site was fully optimised for a range of different keywords and terms.

We turned the structure of the site on its head, making changes to the main navigation and sub-category drop down, as well as re-writing all of the landing copy. We also made major changes to the on-page SEO, updating meta titles, descriptions, heading structures, 404 errors and more.

Our content team put together an editorial calendar to ensure the new blog had an ongoing stream of relevant, engaging content to target long-tail search. Finally, we implemented a new link building strategy aimed at improving referring domain count and link relevancy.


denLAB Direct were working with an extremely limited PPC budget in a highly competitive industry, and were struggling to find a strategy that worked for them. With click conversion rates too low and cost per acquisition costs too high, some major changes were needed if they wanted to continue utilising PPC.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, our PPC team went to work, developing an in depth knowledge of the client, their customer base and the wider industry. They performed extensive keyword research into all aspects of the various products and related terms, before coming up with a comprehensive strategy to turn things around.

With the new strategy in place, click throughs increased by 104% and conversions by 553%. Cost per conversions dropped by 75% and the new, improved campaigns began seeing an ROI of between 900% and 1200% each month.

instasmile branding

With a stunning new website and online marketing campaign in place, denLAB Direct began seeing positive results straight away and felt ready to take the next step in their business journey. Our design team were asked to help denLAB Direct prepare to launch four new products off the back of the website’s success. Good branding is vital if you want your product launch to be successful, so with this in mind we created some unique, visually appealing branding for the new product range, which was perfectly suited to the image denLAB Direct wanted for their business.


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