Meeting Zone are a communications and collaboration specialist, who help over 4,500 global corporations and customers improve their efficiency and productivity. Since their launch in 2002, Meeting Zone have built a reputation as industry leaders and experts in their field, which has led to them being the communications and collaboration specialist of choice for a range of FTSE 500 companies, including those in the financial, retail, IT, pharmaceutical, business services and legal sectors.

When they came to Digital Next, Meeting Zone were looking to increase their online exposure to help further grow their business. Our SEO team were tasked with increasing the online visibility of the Meeting Zone brand, as well as increasing traffic to the site. More specifically, our team were to increase traffic to the pages listing the different services and technologies they provide, such as WebEx services and Microsoft Lync. As well as increasing visibility and traffic to the website, Meeting Zone also wanted to increase the number of on-site conversions they were receiving, in order to create leads for their sales team to respond to.


When it comes to any new website, particularly those operating within the telecommunications industry, it is essential that it can function across any platform to offer a seamless user experience. As such, this is where Meeting Zone’s previous website faltered, which clearly indicated the need of a revamp with a much-improved functionality to provide them with an effective platform for online growth.

Upon review of their website, our team of creatives designed and developed a brand new responsive web build that offers much more flexibility, and a back end system that provides customers with a dashboard to manage their account. With an emphasis on lead generation and user experience our designs delivered clear and attractive call to action buttons with contact forms that enables customers to sign up and set up their account in minutes.

Leads Generation

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Optimisation and restructuring

In an increasingly competitive environment, online visibility has never been more important for businesses wishing to achieve success and grow. After reviewing their website and existing SEO activities, our team put a plan in place to help them increase their visibility.

Firstly, the site went under a restructure, to make it more search engine friendly, and to increase the ease of use for visitors. We then reviewed and optimised generic industry terms, as well as third party software terms, to ensure that Meeting Zone were ranking highly for the correct keywords and terms. We also put in place an ongoing plan to improve the current on-site content and add further pages and content to the site moving forward.


Rankings and visibility

After making these initial changes and implementing our new strategy, Meeting Zone saw its organic rankings increase by 2,220 positions in the space of a few months, and is now one of three home page rankings offering their service, with the only other two being WebEx themselves and BT. Over 50% of all tracked keywords have seen organic increases of 50 positions or more, putting them into the top 15 positions.

As well as seeing a great increase in online visibility, Meeting Zone also saw further increases in the organic traffic their website was receiving, going up 25% from the previous year, and 48% from the year before that. When we looked at total organic traffic to the site, the amount of new users had increased to 60%, with the remaining 40% of traffic falling under the category of existing clients.


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