NCC Home Learning is a complete resource for online learning courses, offering hundreds of different, unique home learning courses, all available to customers at the touch of a button. With over 15 years of experience in adult learning courses, NCC Home Learning are perfectly positioned to help their customers reach their education and career goals.

When NCC Home Learning decided they needed a new website, Digital Next were the obvious choice. After having bad experiences with website development companies in the past, NCC Home Learning needed a company they could trust with building their new site. Due to the fact that Digital Next had already been handling their SEO campaign, it was a natural progression for them to utilise our website development services as well.

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Magento ecommerce


Magento Ecommerce

NCC Home Learning offer hundreds of different online learning courses, meaning they needed an ecommerce system that was powerful enough to handle this. The ecommerce system they used for their old website was 10 years old and very bespoke, meaning neither NCC Home Learning nor any agency could work with it. They were unable to make even the smallest of changes, instead having to pay a fee to their provider every time they wanted to update product information or add new courses.

The immense power, functionality and scalability of Magento made it the perfect solution for NCC Home Learning’s new website. Straight out of the box, Magento provided them with complete control over their online store, while the impressive array of features meant their new ecommerce system could grow and evolve to meet their changing demands. Our team are constantly working with NCC Home Learning to help them improve their system, as well as the internal admin at the back end, allowing them to have over 20 different employees using the site at any one time to process offline orders and assist their customers.








Custom Navigations

The sheer quantity of different online learning courses available on NCC Home Learning’s website meant that the site contains a large number of different pages. One key element for any successful website is usability, and especially so in this case. No customer wants to waste their time searching aimlessly for a page hidden away in your site. To help increase ease of use and improve the overall customer experience, we developed a custom navigation bar for the website, making it easy for visitors to find the course they’re looking for in a matter of seconds.


Due to some bad experiences with agencies in the past, trust was a major factor with NCC Home Learning – they wanted to work with an agency they could trust. At Digital Next, we had already been handling NCC Home Learning’s SEO campaign for over a year before they decided to get a new website. Over this time, our team had put in place a bespoke SEO strategy which had helped increase the organic rankings of a range of different key words and phrases, while also increasing the website’s ecommerce conversion rates. Thanks to the trust built over this period, NCC Home Learning felt that Digital Next were perfectly positioned to create their dynamic new website.

Direct Debit plans

NCC Home Learning offer a range of hundreds of different online learning courses on their website, covering a huge variety of different areas. One thing that NCC Home Learning had discovered over their time in business was that some customers would prefer to not pay for their entire course in one go, preferring instead to pay in monthly instalments. To facilitate this, we made sure that their new website was built into their direct debit supplier, meaning that customers are given the choice of paying for their entire course upfront, or setting up a direct debit to pay in instalments.


Advanced Search bar

As a further way of improving the overall usability of the website and offering visitors the best experience possible, we developed and put in place an advanced search bar on NCC Home Learning’s website. As soon as users start typing, the advanced search bar will start suggesting the most suitable results based on what is being typed. The advanced search bar gives users a more accurate, higher standard of results than a standard search, which is vital when customers are seeking out specific, often niche online learning courses.


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