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Outstanding Branding have been supplying promotional merchandise, corporate giveaways and branded clothing to businesses of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years, and have built a reputation for delivering high quality products. The right promotional merchandise can help increase brand awareness and inspire loyalty from your customers.

When they came to us, Outstanding Branding felt that their current website wasn’t doing their business justice. Our team were tasked with designing and developing a new website that not only reflected the Outstanding Branding vision, but was also powerful enough to handle their enormous collection of products.


With responsive web design, visitors are guaranteed the same great browsing experience, regardless of what device they’re using.


Because of the bespoke nature of the promotional merchandising industry, customers do not make purchases online with Outstanding Branding; the website is used more like an online brochure where people can make enquiries. This means that some agencies would shy away from ecommerce systems and instead try to use a basic website package. With thousands of different products available however, a standard website would not be able to handle Outstanding Branding’s demands.

When it comes to ecommerce, you simply cannot match the power and functionality of Magento. The challenge we faced, however, was using Magento to create a site for lead generation, rather than actually selling online. Our team worked around the clock to make this idea come to life, allowing customers to view Outstanding Branding’s full range of products with ease before placing an enquiry on the site. We even created a pricing calculator, so that customers could create their own bespoke quote, regardless of how large or small their order would be.

Massive site, 2 click Search

Without a doubt, one of the biggest achievements on the new website was the new home page menu. The huge range of products available meant that the new Outstanding Branding site had over 2,000 different pages on it, with a range of different sections and sub sections. Ease of use is vital on any website, and becomes even more important with a site as large as this. If a potential customer can’t browse a website with ease, you run the risk of them becoming bored and going elsewhere.

Our team will rise to any challenge, and this was no exception. To make the site as simple to navigate as possible we created a custom menu for the home page, which allows visitors to get to any page on the entire site in two clicks or less. No more clicking through page after page of options – visitors to the new Outstanding Branding website have over 2,000 web pages available at their fingertips, no more than two clicks of the mouse away!

Online Marketing

Outstanding Branding have built a business around creating visually appealing, unique products, so it was only natural that this same approach was taken to their revamped online marketing campaign. One key element of this was an infographic we created, explaining the benefits of promotional and branded merchandise to anyone visiting the website.

By just posting a long list of statistics, you run the risk of boring your visitors, which is why an infographic was perfect for Outstanding Branding. The infographic we created is not only featured on the website, but was also used as part of their social media campaign, which proved to be incredibly popular, further increasing engagement between the brand and their customers.


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