PasTest has been the leading provider of medical revision books, courses and online revision programmes for medical students for over 40 years. Every year, thousands of medical students achieve their career goals with the help of PasTest. As well as exam preparation, PasTest also provides interview preparation courses, to further help their customers along on their journey to their dream career.

PasTest already had an existing digital marketing strategy in place when they came to Digital Next, with PPC forming a key part of this. However, despite having a PPC strategy in place, they weren’t seeing the results they were hoping for. Our team were tasked with overhauling PasTest’s PPC strategy, in order to increase efficiency and profitability, as well as helping to scale up the account.


Best Practice

After taking an in-depth look at PasTest’s PPC account, the first thing our team noticed was that it wasn’t set up according to best practice. With 35 different countries being targeted by just one campaign, the account was starting to spiral out of control, as the team were unable to control individual locations separately. To solve this issue, we split this main campaign into 35 smaller, location based campaigns, to ensure we were targeting the right audiences. We then rolled this out across all of PasTest’s individual products, increasing the number of campaigns from around 10 to well over 100.


Remarketing and display marketing

Our next step was to create and implement a bespoke, complex remarketing strategy, targeting all of PasTest’s individual products and services. We also successfully brought on other areas of the business, such as interview training.

These different areas used to all be found in separate accounts, but we brought them all into one main account, to further improve efficiency. Finally, we put in place a product based display strategy, to run alongside the bespoke remarketing strategy.

Profitability and efficiency

After putting our new strategies in place, we profitably scaled up the account to four and a half times its original size, while also doubling the CTR. Campaign efficiency was greatly improved across the board and the campaigns have been consistently running with an average ROI of over 900% since these changes were implemented. After we introduced location based campaigns, we improved the account granularity, regaining control of the account as a whole. Finally, we successfully launched and made profitable PPC campaigns for a range of products that had previously been performing quite poorly for PasTest.


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