Retro Sweet was established in 2011, with the aim of creating a fun and exciting retro sweet shop, where customers could not only treat their sweet tooth, but also fill their need for nostalgia. The team at Retro Sweet are experts in giving their customers a unique experience, with every product they sell having the option of total personalisation.

Customers are at the heart of everything that the team at Retro Sweet does, which is what led them to come to Digital Next. When they came to us, Retro Sweet had no social media presence whatsoever. They understood the immense power social media could give them, and knew that it would provide them with a new way to interact and engage with their ever growing customer base, but didn’t know where to begin. Our team were tasked with creating a bespoke social media strategy that would build Retro Sweet’s online following, while also increasing engagement with their existing and potential customers.

Getting Results

Facebook Competition

In the first month of our campaign, we arranged to run a competition giving away a huge sweet hamper on the new Retro Sweet Facebook page, in order to increase the size of their following. The competition was a resounding success, gaining the page almost 1,000 new fans in the space of a month.

The success of this competition gave us a great springboard to move onto the rest of our strategy across all three social channels, which focussed around sharing high quality, exciting content that would appeal to Retro Sweet’s target audience, tapping into their love of nostalgia. The social media strategy was also integrated with their SEO and content strategies, which further helped increase Retro Sweet’s online presence.

With our help, Retro Sweet continued to grow their online following across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest over the coming months. Engagement levels increased by 1080% month on month, proving that the content we were sharing and interaction we were encouraging were achieving their goals.

Increased Page Likes

Bespoke images

Sharing Successes


As with any bespoke campaign, research was the first step we took. Our team spent time gaining an in-depth understanding of Retro Sweet, their customers, their competitors and the wider industry they operate in.  Due to the visual nature of their business, Pinterest was an obvious choice for Retro Sweet. We also created profiles on Facebook and Twitter, as these channels are both popular with Retro Sweet’s target demographic. Once we had created eye-catching profiles on all three networks, our team set about crafting a bespoke strategy, aimed at increasing the brand’s online following and maximising engagement.


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