Public Relations

Let Us Help Create Your Own Authentic Voice To Reach Any Audience, With The Right Message, Through Any Channel

Public Relations is all about creating compelling stories and helping you stand out from the crowd. Here at Digital Next, we set our focus on getting your brand the visibility it deserves. We’ve spent our time developing a live database full of vital media sources from bloggers and newspapers all the way to magazine editors.

Our database is constantly updating meaning we always have the most current, up to date contacts to circulate your story to the right audience. As a company, it is at the top of our priorities to make sure that we go above and beyond to have your voice heard amongst the competition!

We’ll help create a brand identity that your customers can’t help but form a relationship with

Our main pointers we work by when creating your stories are to; research where your content will be placed; be sure the story is relevant; on brand and shareable; and lastly, feel confident that consumers will find the content interesting and a source of engagement. In addition to this, our main focus is whether consumers will find the content interesting but, more importantly, will it drive engagement and create a buzz around your brand?


By combining these 5 factors, we are able to create and tailor all content to fit your brand, company message(s) and objectives. We believe that customer opinion can’t be bought, which is why we use Public Relations to create credibility and an increased sense of trust.

PR is an ever-changing platform helping to act as the voice of your brands success

Our services are not just restricted within Manchester, we pride ourselves in helping create a strong visual platform for clients all across the country. No matter what region a client wants to circulate their awareness to, we know how to get them the best results possible!

Promote your brand with something special - an event that will captivate your audience and give them something to remember! Contact us today to see how we can help!


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