Running a successful social media competition

Competitions can be a great way to further engage with your customers over social media, while also attracting new ones. However, without proper planning, running a competition can often result in easily avoided disappointment. To try and avoid this risk, follow our easy 4-step guide to running a successful social media competition below.

1. Run a competition that wants to be won

Many businesses run competitions and are disappointed when nobody enters them or even appears to have responded to the post. This is usually because what is being offered as a prize isn’t enticing enough, perhaps the competition is too complicated, or it’s just not reaching your audience in the way it should. Ask yourself honestly whether you would enter your own competition – then ask at least three people who are completely impartial for their view on it. It is really worth investing in a good prize – whether that’s offering a product or service completely free, or obtaining something that is unrelated to your business such as champagne, vouchers or a food hamper.

2. Ensure you are really engaging the interests of your followers

Is the competition relevant to your business? Or is it completely unrelated? It’s always good to have an element of your business in the competition – that way it, and more importantly you, are more likely to be remembered by those who entered and even by those who saw it but didn’t participate. Offering something different is also a good way to ensure better participation – such as an image with a ‘spot the difference’ theme – something which is different and more exciting than a multiple choice question.

3. Check out your competition

What are similar successful businesses offering when they run competitions? This should give you a good idea of what your customers will respond well to – even if the business isn’t exactly the same as your own. Ultimately, your goal is to get as many people as possible engaging with the competition and entering it – both people who are already engaged with your business and those who are completely new to you (potential customers!).

4. Make sure you gain something from it

Competitions are useless if they don’t benefit your business in some way. Data capture is the easiest and most valuable thing to gain from competitions. Make sure that people can’t enter the competition unless they like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, add you on Google Plus etc. Also make it essential that they share the post itself or your page to their own friends and followers, which should in turn not only gain you more followers in the process but also result in further competition entries.

The best thing about competitions is that you can often obtain email addresses, which can then be added to your mailing list. Alternatively, you could offer discounts to all who enter to get people to engage with your business or if you have premises, to get them through the door where you can then maximise that customer. A good social media competition can increase your brands reach in ways you’d never imagine!

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