As responsive websites become the norm, it’s surprising to see that at least 40% of SME’s throughout the UK have failed to optimise their websites and digital marketing efforts to fit the requirements needed for a mobile phone.

According to the latest research by Yodel and Research Now, not only do 40% lack a responsive website design, but the survey also found that a poor 36% of business owners said they ‘knew the basics’ when it came to social media and digital marketing, with just 6% believing they were experts in the field. Additionally, when asked whether small and medium sized businesses used social media to talk to their customers or create sales, only 11% said yes, while 40% reported somewhat and the remaining 20% used no social media at all.

But why is digital marketing so important?

The core of digital marketing is focused around your website, it’s your shop window in the online world. Not only does it represent your company it is the most effective sales tool in the world today and not utilising this aspect of your business will only amount to you getting left behind in the stone age!

And it’s not just the design of your website that’s important it’s the content too. Blogging opens the door to your content marketing strategy, but according to the survey, 68% of businesses are failing to incorporate a blog on their website. The remaining 42% of small business websites that did have blogs said they failed to maintain them due to time constraints.

One of the most challenging aspects of having a small business is generating new leads, customers or clients, so why is it that in the modern day with the internet at our feet as many as 40% of SME’s throughout the UK are getting their digital marketing wrong?

Top Tips To Reintroduce Your Site Into The Digital Marketing World

Making sure your website is in touch with the modern day includes these 3 simple strategies;

  1. Create a website that is optimised for mobile as mobile is the future and it’s not going anywhere.
  2. Create engaging content to not only draw your audience in and educate them about your business but to also help for them find you on Google with the help of SEO.
  3. Create a social network around your business/website to promote, engage and drive leads.

If your one of the 40% of SME’s that haven’t got a clue, then do your business a massive favour and hire a digital marketing agency today! Our number is at the bottom wink wink!

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