My name is Niamh Harper and I’m on a work placement at Digital Next as part of my school curriculum to gain experience of the working digital world. I study Media GCSE at school and hope to learn a lot from this experience including a little more in coding and how social media set ups work.

Snapchat, with all the streaks and screenshots it can be hard to keep up with what this app actually has to offer. For all you escaping technophobes, here is a rundown on how this wonderful world of social media works but if you’ve made it here then you are online. Well done, I’m proud. I will explain some of the benefits of snapchat for businesses.

Trophy Case

First. The trophy case, pretty self explanatory but did you know that you can upgrade the  majority of your trophies, for example.The rainbow. Starts as a rainbow lollipop when you send a snap using 5 or more pen colours however when you you use 10 or more it changes to a rainbow.



Now everyone knows of the emojis, the cartoon icons, the loyal 3 monkeys of evil; the love heart eyes  and sassy lady holding her hand out like beyonce .These have a little bit of a different meaning. They represent your “best friends- the top 3-8 people you speak to the most” and “streaks- the number of days you have consecutively spoken too one person.

Best friends.Snapchat Memories

Now to the most important part to know about.The new update “snapchat memories”  allows you (the user) to access your camera roll and add your pre-existing images to your story or as the old update was, send them via blue text message to a friend however not only does it allow this it also allows you to save a snap as a memory if you wish to keep it.This action is done by simply swiping up from the camera screen to where the option of “snaps” or “camera roll” is available to access.

Top 10 Facts on Snapchat for Businesses

1. Snapchats daily video view have increased 400% year-on-year
2. Snapchat ads are viewed up to 1 million times per day.
3. Snapchat’s video views are now greater than Facebook’s.
4. Snapchat is now worth $20 billion.
5. 60% of all smartphone users are now on snapchat.
6. Millennials account for 7 out of 10 Snapchatters.
7. Snapchat now have more users than Twitter.
8. Snapchat reaches 11% of Americans.
9. 60% of snapchat users are between the ages of 18 and 34.
10. Snapchat for businesses is a free easy way to put your company out to the public in a hassle free way.

The number of viewings will improve the audience size of a company targeted at a demographic containing a 16-32 age range then using snapchat for businesses.

In the future I can see Snapchat being possibly the biggest social platform used by all generations and businesses for the free advertising and ways to connect to potential customers and such. This is a constantly growing company that has a lot of influences on the current generations of tech savvy adolescents this will bring the audience to you.

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