Digital Next has announced a follow-up to its book with Helen Tse and Bloomsbury ‘Doing Business After Brexit: A Practical Guide to the Legal Issues’, seeking to better inform businesses and business owners about how to make the most of the digital landscape after Brexit.

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Brexit’s Impact on the digital landscape

Brexit seems as if it is relatively old news, with the vote having taken place over half a decade ago. However, with the delays in the leaving process, Brexit’s impacts on the digital landscape are relatively new. This means that informing companies of the ways they can benefit from better strategy after Brexit is an important task, and one that this new book engages in.


Mark Blackhurst from Digital Next said: “As a company with a significant amount of expertise in the Digital transformation arena plus the legalities and administrative issues relating to Brexit, we believe it is our duty to support our fellow businesses in any way we can. That’s why we again wanted to get involved in the follow up book.”


Digital Next is releasing the book in partnership with Bloomsbury Publishing and Helen Tse, implementing a range of organisational knowledge and expertise for a cohesive look at the way that the shift from European Union membership to isolationism affects business and the way companies grow. With a particular focus on the digital landscape.


Impacts combined with effects of the pandemic

The issues that companies face as a result of Brexit have been exacerbated by the pandemic, which occurred immediately after the United Kingdom formally left the European Union. This means that the book examines a range of different case studies, including a National Pizza delivery company facing issues with its internal HR as a result of becoming a more arms-length company throughout the pandemic. Having such insight into real-life scenarios is a key part of business planning and means that readers better understand the ways that companies respond to international relations and global events.


Key messages from ‘Doing Business After Brexit’


A key aspect of the book is a focus on creating opportunity out of the perception of misfortune. This means that companies embrace potential issues as opportunities to grow or strengthen their supply chain. Whilst Digital Next had little choice over Brexit taking place, the company saw the referendum result as an opportunity to pivot towards internationalism and global markets rather than remaining Euro-centric.


Digital markets have a significant effect on the way that European legislation shifts away from UK law. For example, targeting SEO is a more difficult process in the event that data protection law changes, making the creation and retention of digital strategy a more difficult process. The follow up to ‘Doing Business After Brexit’ is the ideal book for companies seeking to forge a path in the modern economic landscape, offering thought leadership and innovative solutions to the problems of today’s political landscape and tomorrow’s market as a result of these political decisions.


In addition to providing thought leadership and policy guidance, the book informs companies and those in leadership positions about significant legislative changes. These include examining transitions in the law in the time following Brexit and the way that company procedures shift in accordance with these transitions. Having legal staff on hand is not the reality for a range of different companies, so this book is an excellent tool for businesses seeking a greater understanding of both technical legal changes and what it means for practical policy.


If you have an interest in getting hold of  a copy and learning more about how a digital strategy is a useful tool for facilitating and enhancing international trade, consider attending the launch event for the follow up to ‘Doing Business After Brexit’ and get in contact with the Digital Next team to find out more about purchasing a copy of this thorough guide to international online trade and digital systems.

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