How important are SEO related words, if you want to achieve consistently high levels of website traffic?

According to the HubSpot State of Marketing Report, 2021, 71% of marketing professionals believe strategic keywords are in fact, the best strategy for SEO.

Not only do keywords create strong organic traffic to your pages, but they also help you to attract page visitors who are authentically interested in your product or service.

However, how you use SEO related words within your website can play a part in enjoying high levels of page visits and leads. Knowing strong keywords is the starting point of a series of technical tasks you need to perform, to use them successfully within your website.

Here are five ways to use SEO related words to achieve higher search page rankings organically.

1. Content and UX

This is an aspect of successful SEO that always warrants discussion, as it is also vital to assured lead conversion. Fresh, informative content on your website should have SEO related words seamlessly woven in. Including constantly updated blogs and brand-focused product pages.

Your content must genuinely add value to your product or service too. Not only to give you authority and credibility when Google ranks you, but also as part of effective user experience (UX).

Consumers and business decision-makers should be able to quickly find what they are looking for both in search results but also when they visit your pages. If you think of Google algorithms as page visitors, they too should be able to scan content and find authoritative and credible information.

2. Website architecture

There are many ways to optimise your site’s architecture to achieve higher rankings in search results.

This clearly requires that you use a web design and build agency that genuinely knows how to make your pages ‘crawlable’ and also part of your UX strategy.

Also, it is vital to underpin your page experience with swift loading speeds and assured navigation around your site, to keep robot and human visitors happy!

3. Optimising each page correctly and SEO related words

How each page is coded can affect how easily Google algorithms scan its contents or could create barriers that affect how visible your SEO related words are.

Much of the science behind SEO relies on hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), the system that underpins how browsers interact with websites. Make sure your site is designed or updated by someone who understands the technical aspects of status codes.

4. Make sure pages can be indexed

This is separate from the above, something not always fully appreciated!

Page-level settings on your website can either enable or prevent your content from being correctly indexed on search engine results pages.

This often hinges on the best use of meta tags and meta descriptions, for example, to frame SEO related words of relevance to your target audience.

5. Find an SEO agency that keeps pace with Google algorithms and HTTP

Organic visibility demands that you have an in-depth understanding of all the latest search engine quirks and challenges. As well as a grasp of the technical side of search engine optimisation, and how it can be applied to your pages.

That is just one of the many reasons to use an agency for SEO

Having a professional to help you to identify – and use – SEO related words effectively can quickly bring a good ROI; for organic activities and especially for PPC campaigns.

At Digital Next we have been putting SEO at the heart of our digital strategies since the very beginning. Helping our clients to build a greater presence online, improving their site’s structure, and content is perfectly aligned with what their customers are searching for. When working with our SEO account managers and wider team, we will carry out the relevant keyword research to identify the most commonly searched terms amongst your customer base and industry as well as report on your SEO keyword rankings each month.

Our team are highly experienced in optimising sites to meet and exceed best practice guidelines. Helping you to achieve priority positions across a wide range of your most valuable target keywords.

Need some help with your SEO and don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us today for more information about our SEO services.’


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