Many business owners get nervous in front of the camera or on stage, but becoming the face of your business can be transformational. We are passionate about helping business owners embrace their unique skills and talents and share these with the world. If you don’t think you can be the face of your business, you don’t need to worry.

Your passion and knowledge of the business can really make you essential to branding and marketing. There really is no one better to advocate for your unique products, as shown by many successful business owners around the world.

Business owner or actor?

If you’re creating video content for your business, you may have considered hiring an actor or professional. However, high-quality, professional production and editing mean that whether you’ve been behind the camera once or a thousand times, we can make your business look incredible without a professional actor. A paid actor isn’t always the best option for companies as business owners bring their unique personalities and insights, gaining trust and building brand authenticity.

Obviously, getting high-quality footage is another key factor when it comes to creating digital content and at Digital Next, we can create a video that looks professional and still captures your business’s unique selling points.

You have the ability to represent your brand

More and more consumers are looking for authenticity these days and they will spend time finding brands they can trust. Being the face of your business is a surefire way to create this sense of openness and if you’re a small business with specialised production, this can actually be an advantage when it comes to marketing. We believe your personality is powerful and you don’t need to rely on an actor, influencer or professional to be the face of your company.

Real world marketing: Defiance Toffee Vodka

To show just how much of a difference getting the business owner in front of the camera makes, we filmed two example promo videos for business owner Paul Sheerin, founder of Defiance Toffee Vodka. The first stars Paul himself, and in the second we used an actor.

Starring Paul Sheerin, CEO of Defiance
Starring an actor

In the first promotional video for Defiance, you can see why hiring an actor wouldn’t be as effective. Business owner Paul Sheerin is the perfect ambassador for his unique toffee vodka with real Canadian Maple toffee infused into an organic triple filtered vodka. With an enthusiastic approach and an incredible product, working with Paul and creating content for Defiance Distillery shows just how effective business-owner led marketing can be.

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To take your marketing to the next level and become the face of your business, get in touch with our team today to see how we can create a unique marketing solution that’s tailored to you and your business.

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