Putting together a brief, coming up with initial ideas and actually launching a new eCommerce store is never going to be a simple task for any company. There are a huge number of variables to take into account.


Recently I have had a lot of people coming to me and asking for ‘cost effective eCommerce solutions’. Most of these companies already have some form of eCommerce presence and are looking to either grow or improve their online store.

The true definition of cost effective is ‘effective or productive in relation to its cost’. That statement could be seen in a number of different lights, but the key word for me is ‘effective’. For a new online store to be effective, it must perform well and for an eCommerce store to perform well, it must be designed, developed and marketed to the highest level.

One thing I will say is, if you are looking to launch a new eCommerce business and you wish to ‘cut cost’, then I strongly recommend keeping that phrase well away from your new website project.

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Picking the Right Platform

I have seen too many companies cut corners and go ahead with projects that are not only going to lack in longevity, but will eventually force the respective company to redevelop their site within 12 months of having it built.

Most businesses will have different eCommerce requirements. Some will be regional, some national, some international and even global. Payment gateways, shipping requirements, ePos integration and stock management requirements will all vary. Therefore, all of those variables, plus more, need to be taken into account when looking at building an online store.

For an eCommerce based business, your online store is your product. Without a comprehensive online store, you will never sell the volumes of products that you wish to sell, it’s as simple as that. The design and structure of the site must be right to ensure conversions and an enjoyable user experience, not to mention the quality of the site build to ensure it is prepared for a marketing strategy to be plugged in.

There are hundreds of platforms out there to choose from, all with different pros and cons, and with different functionality sets and capabilities.

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Getting it Right

The only way you can achieve all of the above is by choosing the right agency or developers to work with. They need to understand your goals as a business and have a solid understanding of your industry, to ensure that your website performs optimally once launched. So, before choosing your next eCommerce move, think about the bigger picture; your website needs to be more than just a website. It needs to be the centre of your business and online strategy.

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