Content Marketing and SEO have long been described as two people working hand in hand to improve the performance of your online presence. Like Batman and Robin, they make a great team! Fighting crimes, wearing Lycra and attracting a clearly defined audience, but being two separate marketing strategy techniques entirely. However, it has now been said that instead of them being a Batman and Robin team, they are actually more of a Batman and Bruce Wayne collaboration. They are two different personalities in the same person rather than two separate people.


But what does all this mean? Does it mean that content marketers are walking around wearing capes? Does it mean that we need to start thinking about our alter egos? Let’s just start with some simple definitions and go from there.

What is Content Marketing and SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The strategies and techniques used to increase the amount of visitors to a company’s website. Therefore, by creating a high-ranking placement in the search results on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Companies can see that their online presence is improved with a better SEO plan, campaign and strategy but what about Content Marketing?

Content Marketing, on the other hand is, the strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing relevant and consistent content to retain/attract a clearly defined market audience to drive up profitable customer action.

How Do They Work Together?

SEO without Content Marketing is rather difficult. The content might be fantastic, the social side of the website might be great. However, if there are no strategies in place to promote it online, then no one is going to see it. You need to market your content! SEO is not all about traffic, views and conversions, its success is based on content planning and promotion.


If you lose the Bruce Wayne in Batman, he becomes a scary guy in a dark mask solving crimes. If you take Batman’s personality away from Bruce Wayne, you end up with a millionaire that has nothing to spend his money on except for lavish parties (that might sound great but the hangover would last a lifetime).
They work well together, so why think of them separately?

Why Are We Telling You All This?

When it comes to increasing your audience and retaining that number for the future, it all boils down to a great SEO campaign. With three aspects of your marketing strategy: Social, content and SEO, you will see that a multichannel approach works well for any business.

Once you find the right digital agency, you can improve your online presence and rank higher on search engine sites. You can then beat off any competition, increase your audience and therefore improve profitable customer action in your business.

Seo and Content Marketing

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