Email Marketing

Email Marketing allows your business to continue working behind the scenes, even after you’ve clocked off for the day. Helping your business to become a 24-hour salesperson, having an emarketing campaign can help you send emails, press releases and other notifications to your customers around the clock.

Implementing an Email Marketing campaign means you can collate and distribute content to your audience on a schedule that reaches them at the right time. Together with customer research, you can ensure that your content hits the right inboxes at the perfect time of day or night.

How can Email Marketing help?

The likes of Email Marketing strategies aim to encourage your customers to buy your products and view your content, both in and out of office hours. We can provide you with Eshot templates, or offer you a full Email Marketing service. Using key insights, the team at Digital Next can plan, schedule and track your emarketing campaigns to make sure they are effective, driving further results for your business.

Is this service right for you?

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