Have you heard, we are living in the Digital Age? No? Well, neither has my dad to whom I attempted to explain all about the digital age. He replied simply with “It is all like blah blah blah and tweet tweet tweet right?” To be fair, some may argue that he is correct, but with 3 billion people now using the internet every day, it is time for those that are afraid or confused about the digital age to embrace it.

What is the digital age?

what is the digital age

Starting in the late 1970’s the digital age introduced us to personal computers, the free flow of information and the ever advancing world of technology. After the birth of the internet, it was only a matter of time before businesses wanted to get involved. Companies knew they needed to harness the power of quick and free flowing information to improve their prospects.

What does this mean for businesses?

For many, the digital age meant they had to create their own websites, establish an online brand and enter the world of emails all to keep their business ticking over. For some, the digital age had overtaken them completely. Digital marketing, SEO, PPC, Web Content and other key aspects of having a business online merely sounded like terms from a sci-fi film that no one actually knew anything about. If that sounds just like you then it might be time for you to get educated. To help you here are a few key definitions:

Digital Marketing:

The promotion of products or services (marketing) using digital channels (the internet/digital) to reach the consumers. The main objective of this is to promote your brand/company through every possible digital media forum and therefore reach as many consumers as possible.


Simply Search Engine Optimisation. This means using techniques and strategies to ultimately increase the amount of visitors to your website by obtaining a high-ranking placement on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others.


Pay-per-click or cost-per-click. This is a digital advertising model used to direct traffic to your websites. This happens when an advertiser pays a publisher (a website owner) every time an ad is clicked on.

Web Content:

Every website, advert and digital marketing campaign needs great content. Content is simply the words on the page, the tag lines, the blog posts and everything else that your consumers are reading when they visit your site. Without it, search engines such as Google can disregard your website because it has poor or repeated content.

Different Devices

Mobile Friendly

The digital age has progressed dramatically from its birth in the late 1970’s. Now, within the 21st century, more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to view websites, make orders and email people. They have said goodbye to huge computer monitors and are utilising their time on the move by browsing and purchasing on their mobile devices. These I Want to Know, I Want to Go, I Want to Do and I Want to Buy moments mean it is extremely important for your website to be mobile friendly. So try this simple test; see if your site is mobile friendly using this link.

It is? Great! that is a good start and its time to see how a digital agency can improve your SEO.

It’s not? Do not fear! It is time to contact a digital agency, make your website mobile friendly and see just how much your consumers will appreciate it.

What Can a Digital Agency do for you?

With all this new found knowledge about the digital age, it is time for you to consider what’s next. You have heard about the digital age, you know that it is all around you and yet your company isn’t reaping any of the benefits. Instead of losing out to the digital age, it is time for you to hire a digital agency.
No, dad, they don’t just change your website’s colours, no dad, they don’t just take all your money and tweet everyone. It takes a little more work than that. In my opinion, digital agencies are doing exactly what needs to be done to optimise businesses and make sure that they don’t get left behind. If you want to dominate search engines (make sure your businesses website is right at the top of the pack when searched for on Google), grow your business, and have all your digital marketing (marketing now online) done under one roof, then it is a digital agency you are after.

Look Towards the Future, Choose Digital Next

The digital age doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon, with new technologies comes more connections and with that, better business relationships no matter where you are in the world.
Digital Next are dedicated to taking your business to the next level. Looking towards the future you can contact one of our team and discuss what you want and what you need for you to succeed. You may be looking for a new website, to improve your SEO, an online marketing campaign or even all of them put together. Get your product out there, make your company’s services visible to anyone that needs them and help your business stand out no matter which device people are viewing you on. For more information about us, digital agencies and our processes then visit Digital Next.

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