Digital marketing as an industry is very fast paced and requires those in marketing roles to react quickly, in order to keep up with recent trends or changes to algorithms that are released by Google or social media networks.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that digital marketing really began to show its face, when we first saw the concept of enhancing your brand online. With that in mind, the digital marketing world is still very much new and constantly evolving.

There are some components of a digital marketing strategy that still ring true and have kept their importance no matter how far we’ve come from the early days of the internet. The following tactics appear to make up the very foundation of marketing, and they shouldn’t be neglected.

Content Marketing

Content marketing was used long before the internet, and has grown from strength to strength. Through curating authoritative content, you can create a personality for your brand and bring your audience relevant and interesting news on a regular basis.

The Content Marketing Institute released a survey at the end of last year, revealing that 88% of B2B marketers were using content marketing, with 76% claiming they will produce even more content in 2016.

With a significant number of marketers acknowledge clearly what content marketing success looks like, it is lead generation that is the most important goal. But there is always room for improvement and opportunities to capitalise on this further; are you utilising content marketing to its full potential?

SEO as a long term strategy

Businesses are often looking for a quick fix to be top of the search engines, and can become frustrated or look upon SEO with lacklustre. A solid SEO strategy is a fundamental element of marketing, covering everything from keywords to links.

SEO is a vital building block of your business online, and it isn’t going anywhere. There will always be search engines, and people looking for your service or product on the internet, so it’s in your best interest to implement these strategies.

Having a USP

While this is increasingly difficult due to how heavily saturated various industries are, having a unique selling point sets you apart from your competition. This is important no matter what type of marketing you are engaging in.

Your USP can be executed to a high level through your marketing strategy, putting your brand out there to be seen by the right people. Although this is generally an old-school tactic, it’s one that works and adds extra value to your company.

Email Marketing

Another tactic often forgotten about as marketing progresses, email marketing still has a lot of potential. Email is still a heavily used platform, so why not utilise it?

Email marketing is responsible for 16% of customers acquired and can have a huge positive impact on your organisation. Master the art of developing the right mailing list, create the best kind of copy to grab attention and you could be on to a winner.

Social Proof

Otherwise known as social influence, social proof is a psychology that comes from the concept that people will follow the actions of others if it looks good enough. This has gained momentum over the years and is an effective way of backing up your products or services.

If people are liking, commenting or reviewing your services, it can add influence to your brand and build an authoritative presence online for your business. Getting an expert such as an industry blogger to endorse your service, or celebrity endorsement, are both tactics to boost your marketing that little bit more.

To really hone in on your digital marketing strategy and ensure it’s the best it can be, get in touch with us today.

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