As a digital marketing agency, we have spent years boosting the online presence of businesses up and down the country, from all different industries. From solicitors to fashion retailers, we have immersed ourselves in a number of successful projects since our inception 7 years ago.

After working with some of the fastest growing companies in the UK, we have been branching out into the wider community with Wilmslow High School. Digital Next has had ties with the school for some time now; our very own director Mark Blackhurst has often visited to offer career talks about business, inspiring the next generation. Building bridges with local schools and universities, Mark has been on a mission to make sure institutions like Wilmslow High School understand the power of the internet and online marketing. After recognising that the school had a real interest in forming relationships with local businesses, there became an opportunity to do something about it, giving back to the community.

digital next wilmslow high school

Thanks to this partnership between Mark and the school, Digital Next have been building a website for the school’s new project; the Business Partner Programme. The Business Partner Programme, launched by Wilmslow High School, aims to establish links between businesses and education. They were looking for a website design that will allow businesses to find out more about them and develop a direct relationship with the school itself. Bringing benefits to both parties, Digital Next committed to building a website for the Programme in order to build links between the local community.

digital next wilmslow high school

Commenting on the Business Partner project, Mark Blackhurst said,

“Having followed the news over the past few years I believe that schools have to find more innovative ways to reach their targets to be able to offer the highest standard of education for their pupils. I am really passionate about inspiring pupils to embrace the power of the Internet and technology and am sure that the Business Partner Programme will be a great success for Wilmslow High School.  We are delighted to be a Business Partner and look forward to continuing to working with them further on this programme, its early days for the scheme but we will follow their progress now and try to help and support their efforts.”

digital next

As a Google Premier Partner and named in the Northern Tech 100 businesses, we are in an important position to help fellow businesses and establishments such as schools to unlock the potential of the internet and really use it to their advantage. Justin Blackhurst, co-founder and brother, has also had ties with local businesses in order to help them boost their online presence and understand the importance of having a high performing website.

After being awarded the FSB Digital Business of the Year, we are an agency that continues to work hard and be proud of the projects we produce, no matter how big or small they may be. So, keep your eye out for the Business Partner Programme when it launches!

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