My journey began a few months ago after I had completed college and needed to seriously start thinking about my future. Several applications later, I had a few job offers but none that I actually wanted until finally, I struck gold by coming across an agency called Nowskills that deals with apprenticeships. More importantly, they currently deal with my apprenticeship and without them, I wouldn’t have this job.

They got me a job interview with Digital Next, I did some research and thought that it would be worth giving it a shot, even if I didn’t succeed. The interview went very smoothly; co-founder Mark, and the Head of Digital Delivery, Dean, asked me some questions about myself and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. Rather than asking the stereotypical interview questions that I have experienced in past interviews, they seemed to really want to get to know my personality and what I was like as a person. This was really reassuring and they made me feel very at ease, showing me around where I now work full-time.

In less than a week, Nowskills rang me to announce the good news and that Digital Next wanted to hire me! It didn’t quite sink in at first but when it finally did, the Sunday before starting, I was ecstatic about beginning a new story. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical about the early 9 o’clock starts and expected to force myself up every morning, but so far, I’ve proved myself wrong. I enjoy getting up and getting myself to work, wondering what new challenges will come my way.

When I first started, in July, I knew only a little in web development and that was from self-teaching myself the basics of some programming languages. From this, I have learnt so much and expanding my knowledge further than it ever has been. I have improved my skills in the programming languages I had already taken a look at and have now started looking at new ones. It’s not just different languages I know though, I have also learned how to use WordPress and Magento which are both important in web development, I know how to set a new website up, install SSL onto a website amongst so many other things that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Digital Next, particularly our senior web developer, Dave, who never fails to give a point in the right direction.

Digital Next do not just offer great help and support from in the office though! They made sure I was involved in a training day to learn Linux, an open-source operating system. This took place at UKFast who hosted the training day and then offered us all the chance to enrol in an online course and then take an exam to become Linux certified. Of course I said yes, and back in the office everyone was very supportive. I was able to easily find the time to revise online and went back to UKFast to take the exam where I was quite proud to pass such a difficult exam.

Additionally, I have been able to become a first aider as I was able to participate in a day programme in first aid, which is definitely a brilliant thing to know.

From my very first day, I have been made to feel extremely welcome by everyone who works here, even the directors are more than happy to chat and see how we’re all getting on. I can honestly say that I couldn’t be happier in my job and I’m grateful for everyone else at Digital Next for creating the positive work environment we all know and love.

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