Because the internet never sleeps

Just because you clock off at 5 pm, doesn’t mean your marketing should. That’s where Emarketing comes in. By allowing you to send emails, press releases and notifications to your customers even after you’ve left the office, Emarketing is the essence of the 24-hour salesman.

With Emarketing, you can plan, collate and distribute content to your audience on a planned schedule. By coupling this strategy with a full customer research plan, you can ensure that your content hits the right inboxes at the right time so your voice can be heard in any time zone.

How can Emarketing help?

When we create Emarketing campaigns at, our aim is to get your customers buying your products or viewing your content while you sleep – literally! Like everything at Digital Next, attention to detail is crucia. That’s why we use insights from our huge range of databases to plan, schedule and track your email campaigns to ensure they are effective in their outcomes.

Is this service right for you?

Multi-Channel Digital Marketing, Redefined...

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Adam White - Sedulo

Digital Next helped take our website from a platform with little to no traction to one that works for us and generates business. The DN team have been a key figure in our ventures into SEO, PPC, content, social and more, and will be for many years to come.