We hope all of our clients, customers’ suppliers, staff, friends and family are well.  During this period of lockdown, our team here at Digital Next have been working with our clients in this difficult time, supporting them in their requirements in this ever-changing lockdown environment.

Buyer behaviour is rapidly changing, as people become more accustomed to working from home and needs change. Industries hit the hardest include events companies, the flight industry and even fashion; the list is endless.  Despite this, it is important to maintain your online presence and curate growth where you can, no matter the circumstances. At Digital Next, we can help you to continue unlocking the potential of your business.

Winners during lockdown

There have been a number of businesses that have continued to thrive even in the current climate. Many e-commerce retailers are reporting record traffic and sales. Similarly, Openreach have announced record internet usage levels, due to the high number of people now working from home and spending more time online.

This means there is an opportunity for innovative companies to adapt; finding ways to adjust services and products to suit the needs of those living in the ‘new normal’. There is little point shying away from the challenges. As the economy begins to change across the world, now is the time for businesses to look to other ways of continuing their success.

Finding your customers

We have been keeping an eye on the statistical data surrounding the coronavirus crisis, understanding how things are happening and what measures are in place. Most of the world is still experiencing lockdown and restrictions, but there is now more talk than ever before about exit strategies and gradually coming out the other side.

Your customers are still out there, and with more time than ever to browse online, make sure you are there. Whether it’s to engage with your customers through social media and keeping the conversation going, or advertising products and services that are still required.

It’s important to remember that we will come out the other side of this, and we urge businesses to look to the future and begin to plan. Spain has begun to set out ideas surrounding the end of lockdown, while Donald Trump has also begun to set out a phased plan.

Whats next?

So, what does all this mean for your business? What should you do to prepare for the resurgence that comes from a crisis such as this?

This is an interesting phased plan that may be followed in Spain when the time is right.

Spain lockdown exit plan

Although an end to lockdown in the UK has yet to be announced, this could provide an insight as to how countries across Europe will deal with an exit strategy.

Applying this to the promotion of your business and your strategy during this period

Whatever industry you are in, there will be a varying impact on the nature of what lockdown is doing to your business and when you can apply directives and measures. However, what will be useful is to plan and as the quote goes by the famous Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”.

Key things to consider within your business:

  1. Does your website represent you as a brand correctly now?
  2. How do you rank on search engines for your services and products?
  3. What content plan do you have in place – videos, blogs, e-marketing?
  4. How are you demonstrating your products and services?
  5. Have you communicated to your staff on innovations and changes that maybe required after lockdown?
  6. Is my business secure from a cyber security standpoint?

Pick up the phone and speak to people

The phone is the single most effective tool in fighting the impact of Covid-19 on your business. Pick up the phone and see how people in the business community are, speak to your suppliers and stay in constant contact with your customers. Now is the best time to demonstrate new products and services, as well as exchange advice and ideas to help each other.

Remain positive and be clear on your plan for when lockdown ends. For example, if you are an optician, what measures can you put in place to start booking people back in for appointments? Can you make any changes to your store to make it safer? If you run a restaurant, pre-empt people’s concerns with visiting you and get in touch with customers to keep communication channels open. In an office environment, begin thinking about communications to staff on their return and showing measures you have taken in the office to ensure its a safe environment to work.

We are here and still working, and we’ll be reaching out to a number of our clients and suppliers in order to offer any advice that might be needed. We can provide guidance on the right approach to marketing during lockdown and beyond. What’s more, we would also love to hear from you and what you’re doing to keep your business fighting through these difficult times.

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