Hello everybody from all at Digital Next, we hope you are all safe and well.  In these testing times for everyone, one really positive thing about lockdown has been the innovation, coordination and team efforts. Businesses and individuals alike have adapted to the situation and polished up their act to try and thrive during these times.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase the best ideas and businesses adaptations or innovations we have seen during lockdown. We have chosen some of the best ideas we have seen, as well as ones we have been sent from people we know and within our own network.

From existing businesses that have changed their approach, to new products being invented, here are just some of the brilliant things we have seen.

Still Open Business Directory 

Website – stillopen.business

As we know, directories are amazing at generating foundation backlinks to your business and helping your website’s SEO, but this website has been put together to showcase businesses and independents that are still open. It also provides information about how these businesses are operating during this time. This is a growing free online directory and is helping to raise awareness of small businesses.


The Drive In 

Website – www.atthedrive.in

This is an exciting take on the drive-in cinema idea, that is huge in America but has now been brought to many many major cities across the UK. A full range of films are being shown with extra entertainment in the form of stand up comedy, bingo and silent car discos. Using the radio transmission kits, the sound will be broadcast straight to your car’s radio, while a top-of-the-range LED screen provides the best quality visual experience. Food and snacks are available to order online through a mobile app and, in true 50s drive-in fashion, their roller waiters will bring your order to a drop off point by your car.

The Drive-In is a safe environment to spend the evening with family or friends. Cars parked over 2m apart will provide built-in social distancing, and there will be extra measures in place to ensure the experience is in line with government guidelines.

At each event they hold, there are 10 spaces held for key workers in the NHS. It all kicks off from the 27th May 2020, so go check them out!


Project Recce

Website – https://projectrecce.org/

Project Recce has a simple mission: to become the number one organisation in the UK for veterans wishing to enter employment in the construction industry.

In partnership with The Royal Foundation and The Armed Forces Covenant Fund, they are developing a pathway for veterans, regardless of previous experience, to acquire suitable skills in preparation for a career in the civilian construction industry. They then assist them to secure an interview with one of their strategic partners in the industry.

They are using their networks of influence to change the way things are done.  During these times, this organisation have digitised all their courses so that the participants can access all the information and do the courses online!

Here is one of their online demos – check them out.


Branded Automatic Hand Sanitisers

Website – www.regencydesign.co.uk

Regency Design, in conjunction with Manchester business consultant Ashley Williams, have used their previous experience to create bespoke branded, automatic hand sanitiser stations for businesses across the country. The sanitiser station design has allowed for enhanced hygiene and efficiency, with no need for physical touch.

When asked about the venture, Ashley Williams said;

“I was a consultant in hospitality, an industry that was impacted heavily when the coronavirus crisis broke out. I was concerned what the future was going to look like.  So I decided to get in touch with one of my best friends, Zak Manhire, COO of Regency Design; Zak is the brains behind this. I saw an opportunity to take the sanitiser station Zak had created for the NHS into the wider commercial market, and 3 weeks ago we launched branded automatic hand sanitiser units. Already, we’ve dispatched 500 units to various businesses.”


The automatic hand sanitiser is now a crucial piece of equipment in today’s climate. Preventing cross-contamination by eliminating the need to touch the unit, the sanitiser stations are created using Steri Touch Antimicrobial technology. This prevents the growth of bacteria, biofilm, mould and other viruses by up to 99.9% for the lifetime of the product.

What’s more, the auto pump dispenses an accurate 1.5ml measure required for hygienic washing, as opposed to the 2-3 times a person would manually use the pump which may end up costing you more in replacement sanitiser.

Made in the UK, these branded sanitiser stations offer a sleek and streamlined design, with a lightweight yet sturdy construction.

Well done to Ashley and his team on such a huge success!

Sanitized by Prymo

Website – www.sitesanitation.co.uk

Sanitized by PRYMO was created to offer businesses a complete sanitation solution, through their technology and equipment, designed to help the nation get back to work safely. This great video explains their services perfectly.

My2be pivots into new sectors

Website – www.my2be.com

My2Be is an online mentoring platform and a platform to help connect your workforce. The company has been working with Leeds Council to bring retired and senior professionals in to help mentor entrepreneurs in the region. This has been instrumental for many businesses as they try to survive the crisis and adapting their usual business model to the new circumstances.

More cool stuff we’ve seen

Martin Garrix playing live on the rivers of Amsterdam on a boat!

Crypto currency has seen some updates; Bitcoin is up nearly 40% in the last month, Etherum is up 25%, while XRP/Ripple is up 8%.

Round Up

Overall, the COVID-19 crisis has made a lot of businesses rethink their approach and has encouraged many companies to continue digitising their businesses. This has meant so many products and services have become more relevant, and more accessible online.

It’s so important to remember that every business can improve and innovate even in the face of great challenges. If you’d like some advice in these difficult times, please get in touch with our team.

If you’ve seen something that has impressed you, whether it’s a business taking a new approach or an individual starting a venture with a great community spirit, let us know!

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