2021 is now underway and it’s never been a more important time to ensure your business is digital-ready, especially in light of the current events. There are key questions you can ask yourself to determine just how digital-ready your business might be, and the answers could help to provide a pivotal direction for your brand as we enter a new year.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your website rank on Google for search terms within your industry?
  2. Does your website represent you as a business in 2021?
  3. How does your sales team get leads, and where do your leads come from?
  4. Do you track this type of activity?
  5. Who is the decision maker to ensure your business is performing online?

We ask these questions day in, day out at Digital Next, identifying gaps so that businesses can begin to be more proactive and productive in their digital strategies. Our clients work with us because of our cohesive thinking that includes all areas of digital marketing, so they can benefit from being optimised effectively online.

It’s an important time to think hard about your business and what direction you need to move in. Who makes the decisions within your business when it comes to generating leads, and what further steps could you take to make sure new leads keep coming in?

Digitalising your business

No matter your role in the company from sales executives and marketing managers right up to directors, everyone can play a part in finding new ways to improve and grow the business. Making sure your business has an online presence continues to be a prevalent strategy for many companies across nearly every industry.

When someone contacts your business to invest in your services, the work isn’t quite done. Understanding where they came from and how they found you can be key, and can help to form the basis of an online strategy that continues to bring new leads and encourage new customers.

Your internal processes within the business are essential to the success of the brand. How familiar are your staff with these processes, and how do various teams and departments communicate to ensure a cohesive approach when it comes to generating, onboarding and retaining clients? Being able to refine and streamline your processes can be instrumental, and it’s easier than ever to do this by moving to digital strategies and campaigns.

In particular, creating imagery and videos for both your staff and your customers can begin to create a consistent message and solidify your brand’s position. Furthermore, cohesive and consistent advertising through your website, Google and social media channels can enhance your efforts to communicate and resonate with your target audience, keeping everyone connected when it matters most.

Digital transformation for 2021 doesn’t have to be a complex process. At Digital Next, we can help you to grow your business online and truly be on the front foot for the upcoming year. Get in touch today.

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