Does Facebook Like You?

There are a number of Social Networks on the web these days but none seem to pull the same punches as Facebook. From a simple college network to 1.1 billion users it really was an explosion of life that has now reached manier PC & Laptop and other mobile devices.

We all have opinions on which social network is best; one thing is obvious. None have the strength Facebook has when pulling website traffic from dedicated Facebook pages. These strength are both professional & personal and are vital for consumer confidence, reliability, credibility and reputation. In an ever emerging online shopping industry its important to ensure that people can trust in your company and your product.

Your Biggest Weapon

The first place people will look is your profile; its important that its interesting, colourful and catches the eye, whilst providing the right information a user would need to find your website. Dont forget to make your profile public. Anyone will be able to see your profile which could increase your chances of being put in front of the right audience.

Say Hello!

You need to include relevant information about your website, your company & your purpose on your Facebook page. Its also important to include plenty of photos in both a professional & personal capacity, letting your clients know who you are & what you do. Make sure you add descriptions to all photos, posting a photo of Joe Smith means nothing to anyone theyll want to know details.

Keep On Building

Using your own contacts to get you page out there is the first building blog of your social media network. The second block is people you search for with similar interests & ideas. The third building block is the friends & acquaintances of your own friends; this is the start of your complex network, like a spider diagram expanding outwards. Dont be pushy when adding strangers this can be spammy may concern potential customers ultimately pushing them away. Let your Facebook likes grow organically through clever and interesting posts.

Post, Post, Post!

Keep posting regularly to ensure all audiences are interested in you. All your efforts will be pointless if people lose interest. This will contribute to the loss of much more than you realise as there are a number of potential clients that you may miss out on reaching. Make the posts short & sweet. Let your clients know what youre up to with links to blogs & industry news articles.

Keeping Active

Take interest in your clients & supporters, what theyre interested in and what pages they visit regularly. Take part in their group activities and increase your consumer interaction to a personal level; this will only endear yourself to your clients! Take note of the activities your followers take part in and use this towards creating your own activities.

The Perfect Arrangement

Imagine you are the Mozart of Facebook. Be as authentic & original as possible with your page arrangements to find the right balance in structure. Its important that your page catches the eye and making sure all information, content, feeds & images flow together nicely. Try to implement other social network feeds into your site to create a social media hub!

Are you Socially Aware?

The use of Social Ads can be an alternative to generating early Facebook traffic & in turn website traffic; a PPC campaign of Facebook as it were. Its a very cost-effective way of developing a social profile. Although ROI can be difficult to calculate on Facebook small campaigns can potentially lead to an increase in likes.


Create a group about topics related to your business and invite as many people as you can to build up an audience. This has a huge benefit in terms of generating a target-specific audience. Examples of topics for groups could be related around people youre interested in, your products, your ideas.

Divorcing your profile

Ensure that your personal profile is kept separate from any company content as social networks can expose a lot of information you may want to keep to yourself. Maintaining privacy is a must when it comes to social networking; I doubt you would want an angry client knocking on your door. Make sure you optimise all opportunities with effective Social Media management and watch your reputation blossom.


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