Google +

Google Plus signifies a more personal form of social media marketing and more importantly from our point of view, it also has significant impact on SEO and search traffic volume. As Google own and operate the platform there are obviously perks for users with regards to driving highly relevant traffic and increasing your organic search results.

With Google clamping down on a number of link building methods, Google + offers a platform whereby you can communicate signals to the authority that matters and can be looked at as a service that unifies all of Googles services, under a common social layer. Being active on Google + enriches the dataof users and helps Google to better personalise and target both organic search results and advertising for users.

A major differentiation when compared to other platforms is the circles function whereby certain individuals can be grouped into circles based on shared common characteristics. This is perfect for businesses who look to segment and target a given audience, this way tailored content can be sent to the right people with the likelihood it be viewed and shared.

Like the Facebook like Google has introduced the +1 vote, the more +1s on a page the better. They act as social signals letting Google know who and what is being read and shared. These signals ultimately play a major role in the contribution Google plus has on search rankings.

Google plus enables users to connect all other forms of social media creating additional link juice, as the power how of search it is a great way to have your social profiles included on their page. Like Facebook sharing content is hugely important, every article shared creating a backlink to your profile with content being indexed almost immediately.


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