Google is using its Nest Division, and the potential purchase of Dropcam, to plan its entry into smart home market.

With the mixture of Dropcam and its Wifi-assisted cameras, and its expansion with Nest, it would allow Google to offer its customers state of the art home security, and allow them to compete against giants including Comcast, Apple and Time Warner Cable.

The talks of the acquisition with Dropcam written and reported by The Information. Google purchased Nest back in January at a price tag of $3.2 billion. The last multi-billion dollar purchase the company made was back in 2011, when they paid $12.5 billion for Motorola Mobility.

The acquisition of Nest started discussion of Googlewiths entry into that market, which we call the Internet of Things where home appliances can connect to the internet.

Dropcam makes Wi-Fi connected cameras that sends recordings which drops onto the cloud storage. They have raised over $47 million with funding since 2009. With a range of camers that can connect to the internet and store videos up in the cloud are increasingly becoming more common with other companies.
Apple is expected to launch their new smart home system at the Worldwide Developers Conference, later this year. Companies Google and Dropcam did not respond straight away when asked to comment. Googlewiths entry into this increasing smart home market would bring the company closer to competitors.

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