Google Ad Grants is the non-profit advertising edition of Google’s advertising tool, AdWords. Such Google Grants can help an organisation to promote their initiatives and missions on the Google search result pages. Advertising on Google AdWords can benefit a non-profit organisation by catering to a wider audience in a very less time and with very less money. This can be done by the most common form of advertising on Google called Pay Per Click (PPC).

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of internet marketing in which an advertiser pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. PPC can benefit you from the fact that it will start to give immediate results once campaigns are live. With PPC, AdWords allow you to advertise your website to the audience who are searching for your organisations on Google’s search engine. Setting up a Google AdWords account for PPC is fairly easy. However, optimising account needs expertise and experience.

How Google Grants Can Benefit You!

Receiving a Google Ad Grant can help an organisation in the following way:

  • Awareness: It can help raise awareness of the issues that the organisation campaigns for by advertising on keywords broadly related to their cause.
  • Donations: It can help you drive direct donations by choosing broadly targeting keywords related to giving in their sector.
  • Fundraising: It can help attracting proactive fundraisers by sponsoring keywords related to popular events like marathons to encourage participants to fundraise on behalf of the organisation.
  • Sales: It can help you sell your products online and bring some more money towards the charity.
  • Online Petitions: It can drive awareness of the charity’s causes by getting their audience involved in online petitions which can help them build valuable marketing data list.

Why Digital Next?

Here at Digital Next, from the initial steps we took to the present day, we have continually strived to understand and develop online marketing trends and activity in order to deliver results for all of our clients.

Having a range of experience in varying sectors, we have shown that our expertise is diverse, and continues to grow. This helps us provide a level of knowledge for all of our clients and their industries.

Our experienced PPC professionals will work with you to get the results you deserve by creating a strategy to meet the needs of your non-profit organisations. We will use the best resources available to make your organisation reach its potential.

Google Ad Grants For You?

Google Ad Grants empowers non-profit organisations through £6600 per month in in-kind AdWords advertising. To find out whether your charity or non-profit organisation is eligible to take advantage of this program, simply call us on 0845 539 0642 or complete our Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch!

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