When thinking about embarking upon any SEO program you should start to think about the content you can create around your company. You can delve into the history of the company, the products and services it provides or even the people that are employed there. Each element has potential for high quality content to be written around it. Ideally, when we at Digital Next begin working on original content for our customers, we ask them to provide us with a basis and examples of content that is already in existence. This way we can pick up the “”tone of voice”” of the company and also help you with your online branding image.

When your customers find information/content about your company online, instantly they begin to log a mental image of what that company is all about. Therefore, it is essential in the 21st century to ensure you employ the right person to put the wheels in motion on a content delivery for your company.

Right! So you have written endless information about your company, now you are thinking what now? Well, help can be at hand. As a full service digital agency, we can take that burden off your back that the initial foundation work has been done. Dont get me wrong, we can start writing from scratch if you want us to, however “”Content is King!”” and you are best planting the acorn and we will make sure it flourishes. When we say flourish…we mean we will make sure it is posted effectively around the various article directories and content hubs online to ensure valuable inbound content links are gained back to your website. When we say content is king we mean this because a link from other text within a group of content is far more valuable than a stand alone link situated at the bottom of a website for example.

Feed your blog. Here at Digital Next we feed our blog with at least one good quality article per day and ensure we link back from anchor text to our homepage to gain the valuable “”in-content”” links that help us with our search position for chosen industry keywords.

Oh, I almost forgot, Happy New Year from everyone at Digital Next and we wish you all a prosperous year full of successful and exciting times.

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