The internet and search engines are in a constant state of flux, so it’s important to perform a website audit regularly to ensure you are not missing out on sources of valuable, targeted traffic and conversions. Even if your website is performing well at this moment, in six months’ time SEO dynamics may have changed and you could be experiencing a fall in visitors and drop in search engine rankings. Performing regular website audits helps to maintain continued increases to leads and visitors which in turn will improve bottom line revenues and profits.

Benefits of website audits

Making sure your website is working to its optimum, website audits can help to identify key areas for improvement. Ensuring everything on your website is as fresh as can be, you can identify problems and fix them quickly before it has any negative impact on your business.

By providing you with a report following your website audit, the team here at Digital Next are able to analyse the different ways your website performs in search engines in order to give suggestions and curate strategies to increase rankings and identify valuable opportunities for your business to thrive online.
A website audit can improve both current and prospective SEO strategies in many different ways. Providing details on the impact that current SEO campaigns have had on your site, website audits can make sure we’re not missing anything. Offering competitor analysis to take advantage of weaknesses in your industry, website audits can give you the latest information to help you fix and avoid potential penalties from the likes of Google.

Giving you feedback on website performance and user experience, it gives us the chance to make positive changes to your website which will hopefully result in even more conversions.

Full technical audits

You should also expect your website audit to include a technical audit to ensure all coding is correct and that the site runs to maximum speed levels. An off-site review will highlight levels of authority and trust attained by your website via analysis of anchor texts and backlinks, while a social media audit of your website looks at your business visibility and reviews all current engagement.
It takes time to improve results for any website, but a rigorous SEO audit of your site helps identify all the areas in which you need to improve to achieve greater success online. As soon as you begin to implement changes to your SEO suggested by a website audit you should see organic traffic increases, conversion rate improvements and revenue growth.
These enhancements to your SEO will continue to keep your website working to optimum levels and generating improved revenues to help your business grow.

Here at Digital Next we can provide professional website audits for all types of business clients. Contact us to learn more about our SEO services.

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