Content Is Key

Digital Next have been working extremely closely with our customers recently in regards to their online content. This is now playing a huge role within the latest Google Algorithms and the updates which have now taken place. As a website owner, have a think about the content on your site and think in detail about when this content was wrote and how long it has been in place. If it has ever been redeveloped, then many would be in the position of not even being able to remember when the content was created. If this is you then you, then you need to think about how generating fresh, unique and brand new content could actually be of benefit to you.

Working Closely With Our Customers

Digital Next have worked particularly close with many of our customers and have now implemented new content across their websites. This content has been written by our very own copywriters and has had a positive effect. Google likes to see fresh and unique content and if your website has not been updated in a while then it may well have text on their which is outdated. For example, a common practice in the past was to get your keyword into the text as many times as possible. However, things have now changed and this is known as keyword stuffing and will get you penalised.

Creating Unique Content

Going through and checking the content, refreshing where necessary and rewriting where appropriate can be extremely beneficial. Fresh content is without a doubt of greater value than outdated content. Thus Google and other search engines are penalising stagnant websites in order to reward websites which are maintained and updated regularly.

It Is Worth While

Content generation is time consuming however it is extremely worthwhile, user generated content is better than nothing at all. Use items like testimonials, forums and blogs as well as refreshing landing pages and homepages every once in a while.

Speak to Digital Next today and let us review your website to see where you require content the most and what pages are letting your website down. Once these have been noted we can even get the content you need written for you in a short space of time by our professional copywriters. There is no escaping content generation for your website, tackle the problem head on and get your website full of useful, unique and engaging content.

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