At Digital Next we are always speaking to new customers explaining the benefits of SEO and how critical Google is to the success of your business. The one question which we are always faced with is, the question of why?Why Is Google Critical To The Success Of Your Business?Rather than just make statements without any real substance, Digital Next presents you with some facts:

  • Nine out of ten consumers will actually use the internet in order to find their products and services.
  • Out of these nine people a massive 86% of them will follow their findings up with a phone call, an email or an in-store visit.

Why Are They So Impressive?

These facts may not impress you right now but when we mention that there are one billion local searches every single month, then the huge opportunity which is available for businesses to attract new customers through the internet. This is the sole reason why many businesses are choosing to invest in their presence online and thus make Google a key factor to their success.

Being located in the top 3 positions on Google along with other search engines such as Yahoo, is one of the goals for many businesses online. This would give them considerable exposure and advantage over their competitors, along with the obvious that they would receive more revenue from this position.

Still Dont Believe Us On How Critical Google Is To Business?Believe it or not 84% of people who will type a keyword into Google never go past page two of the search results. 68% of these consumers never actually go past page one on Google. If you are on page one of Google then you will get around fifty times more traffic than a site on page three of Google.

Those businesses that choose to ignore Google, yet have an online business, are potentially missing out on a huge market. This could well prove to be business critical. If you need help or guidance about how you can get your website to the top of Google, then why not speak to one of the UKs fastest growing SEO providers and full service digital agency – Digital Next.

Let Digital Next transform your online business, and explain to you how critical Google can actually be to your business.

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