I recently completed my Business and Entrepreneurship degree at Huddersfield University, in this time I have monitored the evolution of SEONext from a SEO outfit into a full Digital Marketing agency. The Internet has continued to expand as have the ways in which online presence can be achieved. Influencing a web site now requires an integrated digital strategy that encompasses a wide range of methods.

My dissertation focused on the effects of SEO to SMEs within the UK online environment. This involved cross analysing academic literature against information obtained from in depth interviews. The crux of the study ultimately highlighted the need to fine tune online marketing practices, ensuring that methodologies selected are the right ones to achieve strategic goals.

Google updates continually make the domination of the search engines an increasingly challenging task, Digital Nexts new offerings have enabled them to offer a new breed of services to enable online businesss to grow into the next generation of the Internet. One time occupier of the no.1 spot for mp3s Ray Comstock evaluates the current digital climate nicely and highlights the importance of integrating digital marketing methods in this article.

Mark Blackhurst we are delighted to welcome Nathan back to proceedings, having supported Nathan in the past two years we are looking forward to incorporating his academic findings into Digital Nexts business development.

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