Here at Digital Next, when it comes to web design and development our process is clear. It’s crucial that we understand our client’s businesses and their internal operations, before deploying a bespoke solution to heighten their online performance and presence.

Background about Gorvins

Recently crowned Law Firm of the Year at the City of Manchester Business Awards, Gorvins Solicitors is a regional, full service law firm based in Stockport with roots that can be traced back over 150 years. With 16 partners and over 100 staff, Gorvins specialist legal teams offer an array of legal disciplines to a diverse portfolio of clients from blue chip organisations and SME’s to private individuals and regulatory bodies.

What were Gorvins looking for?

Upon evaluation of Gorvins website requirements, we understood that Gorvins were looking to primarily improve user flow and experience to increase the number of qualified enquiries. Additionally, the new site will be used as a reference point to showcase their services when liaising with potential clients, so by simplifying the website structure Gorvins team are offered full control of day-to-day management. Before progressing, we identified the overall objectives that Gorvins are looking to achieve from their new website:

  • Gorvins brand promotion and lead generation
  • A fresh, clean and fully-responsive design, consistent with current branding
  • Usability improvements for mobile devices
  • Provide a visual representation of all Gorvins social media channels
  • New website platform for multimedia integration and user-friendly management

How did Digital Next help?

As mentioned above, when Gorvins came to us they were looking for an improved look and feel to their current site, with an emphasis on user experience and ability to integrate with all marketing channels. In addition to this, Gorvins were also looking for a user-friendly system that enables their team to manage their website with simplicity and ease. As such, Gorvins new website included the following features and functionality:

  • Advanced Contact Forms – Providing the ability to create forms that store enquiries into a database system allowing more control of the companies inbound data.
  • Newsletter Integration – Enabling customers to sign up to Gorvins regular newsletter which is controlled via a 3rd party supplier with no manual work needed.
  • Live Chat – Offering customers the opportunity to chat to a Gorvins representative through the new website.
  • World Pay Integration – Enabling customers to make payments owed to Gorvins for their legal services.
  • Fully Responsive Website – Offering customers a seamless experience no matter the device.
  • Improved Website Structure and Navigation – To improve the user flow for customers throughout the site and offer ease-of-use to the Gorvins team.
  • SSL Certificate integration – To maximise security and encrypt all data transfers between the website, server and user.

Head of Marketing at Gorvins, Paul Longmire:

“Our website and social media platforms are one of the most important sources of work for Gorvins. We wanted to make our online platforms more accessible to existing and potential clients whilst keeping ahead of the ever-changing digital market.”

Adam Ramsden, Head of Digital at Digital Next, went on to say:

“Working with the Gorvins’ team was a great experience for all involved, and their new website is a far better representation of their brand and expertise. For us, this was by far the best legal project we’ve worked on to date and are really happy with the completed project.”

Support and Maintenance

Gorvins decision making was also looking at a long term digital partner to support their growing digital presence, offering the right support package was key for Gorvins team to know they can lean on us when they need. The support and maintenance package provided to Gorvins will also help to ensure that, should the site ever go down for any reason, we can restore it with minimal downtime.

In addition to this, this support package extends to implementing improvements to key marketing landing pages or features that are geared towards heightening user experience.


When Gorvins came to us, their old site didn’t truly represent the strides that the company has made since last consulting an agency regarding web design. However, with our help, we’ve been able to deliver a stunning, responsive website with branding that epitomises what Gorvins Solicitors are all about and will help take them to the next level online. Not only that, but with us as their digital partner, they know that we’re by their side throughout their journey and always on hand to guide them on the path to online success!

The planning, organisation and execution of a marketing strategy is not always such a straightforward process. However, there are literally tons of creative marketing tips to explore in order to generate more business for your company, without blowing up your entire marketing strategy.

Marketing Tips

Well, in this blog we have combined a list of marketing tips and ideas full of strategies that we have previously executed for ourselves or our clients for you to take note from. The marketing campaigns have been used to generate inbound leads and are taken from past techniques implemented in-house here at Digital Next.

Winter is slowly approaching, which can only mean one thing… There are only 20 weeks left before the big man comes down your chimney! This is the BIGGEST season for both shoppers and retail stores, which makes it a critical time to up your marketing game and stand out against your competitors during the holidays.


Ensure your marketing efforts are on the mark this winter, particularly paying attention to huge retail dates such as Black Friday.

A brand who did this well in 2015 was O2 who went all in claiming “no price is safe” on Black Friday. The brand sold devices such as the HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Tab S2 for as little as £1!

This could generate more traffic to your site just in time for Winter. The below marketing tips will help you optimise your online presence by focusing on the latest trends in online shopping.

Homepage Links

Homepage links may seem common knowledge to most, but it’s still a common omission from a lot of websites and it can be detrimental the overall experience of your customers.

It’s very important to ensure your homepage has links to product categories, and all deeper layers to your website. You should also be regularly creating content that caters to relevant keywords and is based around your products/services.

You should also ensure that each page has a unique page title that is 70 characters or less, and a meta description that’s 150 words or less; which basically outlines to Google what keyword you want the page to rank for.

Email Triggers

The dreaded three words: ‘out-of-stock’… We all fear seeing this when we’re trying to add products to our basket.

Instead of losing custom, add functionality by encouraging shoppers to submit their data. This can allow the user to be alerted when the items are back in stock.

If customers know they’ll eventually be able to get the item from you, it mitigates the possibility of losing them to the competition. You can also try suggesting similar items that are in stock to demonstrate that you’re business still remains able to understand and meet the needs of the customer.

Urban Outfitters automatically sends this email to users when they request to unsubscribe from their emails. The purpose of this automated email is a last-ditch effort to convince recipients not to unsubscribe. To appeal to their young adult target audience, this email creatively plays on the idea of a salvaging a relationship.


This was an excellent method of engaging with their customers to show how valued they are to their business, and that they’re in touch with their target audience through means that they can relate to – on multiple levels.

Become A Google Trusted Store

Becoming a Google Trusted Store can help customers to recognise that you are both trusted and safe to shop with, but it’ll also help to increase the exposure of your brand.

Take the necessary steps to meet the correct requirements to do this; once you meet the criteria, you are given a badge that appears on Google Shopping.

This could also have a positive impact on your search rankings on Google in the future, as more and more alterations to the search listings become display oriented.



Carrying out regular audits on your online store can help to identify places where you can improve the buyer journey.

Auditing your site can help to determine amends and changes to your current customer journey; starting with click through and bounce rates, to testing different landing pages in order to gauge with tweaks might improve results.

Items You Might Like

An ‘Items You Might Like’ section could encourage users to browse for longer on your website; adding photos or other relevant items to each product landing page could provide that item the customer may eventually choose to add to their basket.

Website Ideas:

When it comes to your website, there are tons of ways you are able to utilise, test and optimise your web pages to generate more, relevant traffic. Below are some tips to drive more online traffic to your business.


Test pop-ups on your website with special offers; there’s so many different types of pop-ups you’re able to utilise on your online store. Some of my personal favourites are:

  • Multi Pop-Up – The website will launch multiple pop ups upon entering. Different techniques are used.
  • Come And Go – Pop-ups are launched upon entering and exiting.
  • Timed Pop-Up – Pop-ups are programmed to launch after a certain amount of time. Normally, 5 seconds.


After the Mobile-geddon release in April 2015, Google made it clear anyone without a mobile optimised website would not reap the benefits of mobile optimised search in the future.

Google released a mobile-friendly test which means you’re able to ensure your website is Google-friendly.


Consider starting a triggered email campaign that asks your past customers, who value your business, for online reviews.

This can work well in order to spark trust amongst your new audience, and is also a great way to enhance SEO. We advise Google Reviews and Trustpilot as great review tools.

dn reviews

A/B Test

A/B testing, a.k.a split testing, is comparing two versions of a web page or email campaign to see which one performs better.

The aim is to identify changes that increase the chance of what you want to happen, to happen!


A big part of utilising your website is by ensuring you have the right CTAs (Call to actions) to help speed up and guide a user on its journey by providing them with targeted and relevant content by their stage in the buying cycle.

A great example of a website with compelling CTA’s is Evernote.

“Remember, Everything.”

The design on Evernote’s website makes it super simple for users to see quick benefits of using the app and how to actually sign up to use it.

Plus, the green color of the main and secondary CTA buttons is the same green as the headline and the Evernote logo, all of which jump off the page.


Social Media Ideas:

You should already know the true value of using social media to expand your reach.

Keeping up with trends and constant changes within the social realm is incredibly important; it’s not enough to just follow the same old rules and tactics.

Below we have noted some tips and promotional tips for you to execute as part of your winter campaign.

Video Ads

We all read how video is the next BIG thing on everyone’s mind, and how it’s here to stay.

Once such benefit of video advertising, specifically on Facebook, is you don’t necessarily need to have a strong presence.

download (1)

Facebook Live

Facebook’s livestream is still a new concept which many brands aren’t utilising. Try using it, as Facebook’s algorithm ranks these higher than regular content!


Social Influencers

Partnering with social media influencers, such as bloggers, celebrities and users with a excessive social media following can work wonders integrated into a social media campaign.

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, users look for endorsements on products from influencers and it’s great to generate that organic reach.

Targeted campaigns

There’s a wide range of different re-targeting campaigns that can leverage reach on your best performing offers and best selling products.

The tips we have given only scratch the surface of what ideas can be implemented as part of your seasonal campaigns.

If you’re looking for even more, in-depth marketing tips and ideas, take a look at our Digital Next blog.

This week, Twitter rolled out their brand new feature, Twitter polls! For the poll creator it’s a great chance to gather opinions, settle debates and engage with Twitter’s huge audience. For the user taking part, it’s a quick and easy way to offer their view.

In the past, if you wanted to run a poll, there were many ways you could do it e.g. following hashtag votes, asking people to enter by Retweeting or favoriting your post, tweeting questions and tracking replies etc. However, these posed many problems, including time, effort, reliability, and so on. Now, things have got a hell of a lot easier as you can now create a two-choice poll right in the compose box! The poll stays live for 24 hours and users can vote on any poll they want with the reassurance that their vote won’t be shared publicly.

Compose Tweet Box Compose Tweet Box


Tweet Tweet


It is going to be interesting to see how people use the polls and adapt to the feature. It is still early on and there are no stats to go off at the minute but one thing we predict is that it will have a positive impact in terms of engagement. Here are some different ways in which the polls could be used:

Feedback on your content: Twitter polls are a great way to get help from your fans and followers as to what you should be posting on Twitter! After all, it is them that will be viewing it.



Gathering opinions: Twitter polls are a great way to gather opinions. Whether it be for a personal dilemma or for data to back up some content you are writing.


Having fun: One thing is for sure, having fun with your followers will be one of the main ways that Twitter polls will be used. This will be a great way to also give your engagement a boost.


Voting on future content: Twitter polls could also be used as a way to gather help from your fans and followers on what content they want to see in the future.


Product feedback: With the efficiency of Twitter polls, they would be a great tool to gather product feedback.


Market research: Market research can take a lot of time, effort and money. With Twitter polls you can gather research quickly, easily and at no cost.


Reacting to real-time events: Twitter is already a great place for real-time reactions and Twitter polls have now added to that.


This exciting, new feature offers a wide range of new benefits to the engagement part of Twitter and it is intriguing to see how different users will use it to their advantage.

Last week, social media giant, Facebook, stated that they are stamping down on the way that people ‘buy’ likes for certain pages. Many brands and business Facebook users have bought likes over the past to make their pages appear more popular than they actually are.

Look at it this way, why would you want to purchase fake likes that will have no impact on your business and could potentially harm your brand? Facebook has changed over the past year and it is now much harder to gain likes organically. The feature of running competitions and advertising is a great way of building brand awareness and is also deemed ethical and best practice by them. The use of competitions is highly rated from Facebook business users as not only does it give you a great chance to increase your following, but shows you are giving back to your loyal fans.

Facebook said in a recent statement ‘We have a strong incentive to aggressively get rid of fake likes because businesses and people who use our platform want real connections and results, not fakes.”

From my point of view, this is a great thing for social media marketers like myself. I have never really seen the point of buying likes, as it adds nothing but corruptness to the brand itself. However, if you are building your likes organically across Facebook, then you must appreciate that this is the only thing that is going to increase is the amount of money landing in your revenue stream.

In recent months, I have seen more and more brands using social media the right way. It’s not a viable marketing source if you buy likes and then don’t regularly update your channels. It doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 likes or 100,000 likes, obviously that is great for brand awareness and credibility, but it’s all about what type of person behind that ‘like’ is and how you, the brand, can transform that person into a brand advocate.