The weather has definitely taken a turn, and we’re finding ourselves looking for ways to keep warm – it’s easy for us, we can just dig out a coat, or a thick knit and instantly feel the warmth. But when it comes to re-engaging clients that have gone cold, it can be a little trickier – after all, you can’t just pop a woolly hat on them and hope for the best.

Here, we run through a few ways you can use content marketing to re-engage cold prospects and feel the warmth in your business this winter!

Determine What Went Wrong!

Firstly, It’s important to determine what went wrong for the prospective client to go cold; however, this could be down to a number of factors. Whether it simply just wasn’t the right time for them to commit to a working relationship with your business or they might be too busy with other business commitments, chances are that you’ll be aware of the reasons why a prospect went cold. And it won’t just be the weather turning!


Your designated sales team will be able to determine what happened with the sales lead, but if the communication has just been lost and you can’t get anything out of them, then don’t worry. There’s still something you can do!

Pick up the phone…

One of our top tips is to always remember to pick up the phone and speak to them, a lot of the time there might be a valid reason they haven’t responded to you. And if you show you’re willing to speak to them then the more chance you have of them being open and honest about their intentions moving forward with you.

As Jordan Belfort said, “Pick up the phone and start dialling” – no one is going to hear your message if you don’t tell them what it is! 


How Can Content Marketing Help?

Aligning your content marketing strategy to focus on cold prospects doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think it might be, your strategy can be tailored to focus on a few key aspects of your marketing strategy, including just a few of these listed below:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures

The key to utilising your content marketing strategy is to tailor the content you are producing to focus on your lost prospect. Maybe you’ve seen something that you think they would be interested in? It could take two minutes to connect with them on social media or to simply fire them over an email to show it to them! Did you know that sales reps that use social media are 50% more effective than those that don’t? It can be a great tool to engage with a client that you might have lost touch with.

A more in depth strategy that targets multiple prospects at once might be a little trickier to establish, but if you ensure you segment your data, you can send out targeted content that will be more effective in grabbing your audience’s attention.


If you are looking to establish a content marketing strategy that will re-engage cold prospects and gain your business more sales leads contact Digital Next today, we can take your strategy to the next level. Helping you to really understand how content marketing could be the key to your lost prospect success.