When it comes to creating content, our ultimate goal is to create a piece that our reader’s not only engage with, but also share it with their friends, peers or colleagues; but this can be tricky. There’s SO much content out there, more than ever before. So creating something that is unique is key to getting noticed, and getting shared!
shareworthy content

But, Why Do We Want Our Content Shared?

Well, this is simple. From a content marketing perspective, shareable content will ultimately engage an audience and enhance brand trust. Creating a thought provoking piece that is shareable will encourage an audience to remember you for all the right reasons!

Isn’t It Hard To Constantly Think of New Ideas?

No! Depending on your type of business, creating content doesn’t have to be complicated; developing a content marketing plan that spans either three or six months (or even longer in some cases!) will help you schedule relevant and share-worthy content that your audience wants to read.


Using content calendars is a great way to see what you have coming up, helping you to create a strategy. Content marketing doesn’t have to just be a blog with some words and images thrown on it, it could be video marketing, infographics, quizzes, anything you can think of! There’s no pigeon holing when it comes to shareworthy content.

Creating Share-worthy Content

Whether you are creating content for an on-site blog or for outreach purposes, the key things to remember when you produce this content are the same. And one of the most important things we want you to remember is to not create content for contents sake, if you’re half-way through writing something,and realise that it’s a bit naff and pointless. Then stop. Re-evaluate the topic, and maybe look to link it in with something else to create a longer, in depth article that will add much more value to an overall strategy.

Here are a few quick tips for creating share worthy content:

  • Understand your audience
    There’s no point in trying to create anything unless you understand your target audience, delve deep into their demographics; age, interests, geographical location etc. can all help determine what kind of content they want to read.
  • Crafty Headline
    Now, we all know that click-bait is the devil in the content marketing world. Those crafty headlines that get you clicking on an article and discovering the content inside has nothing to do with the headline will turn your readers off, and unless you work extremely hard, they just won’t come back. Create a headline that cleverly entices your audience to want to read more
  • Use images/videos
    You know what they say “a picture says a thousand words”, well a video can say even more. Video and image content is the most shareable out there, easy to view and convert into real, engaged readers.
  • Don’t forget to share across social
    If you’ve done all of this and you’re still wondering why your content doesn’t seem to have hit the right spot, when you’ve put a lot of effort into it and thought it was the best piece ever it COULD be because you’ve failed to share it across your own social platforms. 


Often, it is the smallest thing that could lead to the biggest impact on your marketing campaign. If you need a structured content marketing campaign that will help you create shareworthy content, contact Digital Next today.