Whilst some people at Digital Next aren’t big on embracing the festive season, I’m quite the opposite. I’m here to fully spread the Christmas cheer for all to hear (or read) on the DN blog – it is the most wonderful time of the year after all!

So, with no further ado, on the second day of Digital Nextmas we’re bringing you the 12 digital marketing tips for Christmas, for you to sink your teeth into.

christmas blogging

1. Get big on blogging

When it comes to your blogging strategy over the Christmas period, go big or go home. Build a content strategy that lets you produce regular, quality content over Christmas to educate your consumer, stay relevant and advertise special offers and products that you are focusing on. 

2. Step up your Social Media

Social media is a great content distribution platform, it should be utilised to its full potential by using sponsored and boosted posts to increase engagement and conversions over the busy festive period. 

3. Align Brand Imagery

To successfully focus your blogging and social media strategy you should align your brand imagery with the festive season and give a positive brand impression to your consumer, it’s even something as simple as switching your logo up to include some snowflakes, a bit like what we’ve done here at Digital Next HQ!

digital nextmas

4. Tailor Content

By tailoring the content you produce across your website, social media and blog content, you can give your brand a friendly persona over the Christmas period to provide the content with an aligned voice.

5. Email Marketing

Give your email marketing a boost with quality call to actions, limited time offers and headlines that will get your emails open and convert into sales, your email marketing should be consistent with the imagery and tone of voice. Have you subscribed to receive our email updates? What are you waiting for!

6. Retarget customers

Use effective retargeting methods to ensure a higher conversion rate.  A lot of people have felt issues with retargeting at Christmas – especially on shared computers – as suddenly those surprise special presents are all over the websites you’re visiting, but it is an effective marketing method that does work, so it is beneficial to use it as a business.

7. Plan, Plan, Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail; by now you should have a digital marketing strategy in place to take control of the festive season and get noticed. But if not, don’t worry. It’s not too late to make minor tweaks to existing campaigns, and to think ahead and get strategies in place for 2016.

8. Use Forecasting Tools

Use forecasting tools to understand your consumer behaviour, predict sales and get ahead with your strategy. We utilise a number of tools that enable our clients to really understand their consumer behaviour and to align their strategy to achieve the best results.

digital next christmas card

9. Touch base with clients

Are you sending out a Christmas card and a little something to show your appreciation to the loyal customers and clients you have? Make sure you touch base to wish them a happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. It is always a good idea to gain an idea of how their year has been by reaching out to your clients, as this gives you something positive to pick up on in the New Year.

Digital next client gift

10. Utilise PPC

It’s the perfect time of year to raise the stakes and add a little more spend to strategically bring your brand above your competitors. Whatever sector you are in, your aim is to be at the forefront of your consumer’s mind in the run up to Christmas, to maximise sales and ultimately finish the year with a bang

11. Reflect on your year

Take the opportunity to reflect on 2015, spread some positive behind the scenes news about what you and the business have been up to and how far you have grown since 2014.

12. Santa, give me a new digital marketing strategy for 2016 please!

And finally, once the mad rush of the run up to Christmas is over, take some time out to look at your current strategy and how it can be improved in 2016. Are you looking to integrate content marketing into your strategy or even give your website a refresh? There’s never been a better time to change your marketing strategy!