We are delighted to announce that we have expanded and dedicated a department to help SME’s become established online. The new department will be called ‘Digital Next Express’.

The department has been formed to ensure SME’s are given precise advice, support and guidance from the outset. We feel SME’s deserve the same dedication, attention and time as some of the larger clients who may be very time-consuming. Having been at Digital Next since the start of the company, I have seen many SME’s try and fail due to the smoke and mirrors nature of the industry. The company has tried to take a different approach ever since it has been founded, being as transparent as possible whilst offering a non-contractual service.

We are an accredited Google partner which gives us a head start whether we are working with a start up or big blue chip company. We will offer the right advice and implement effective strategies to give our clients the best possible chance of exposure via Online Search, Web Design and Social Media.

As such, we will offer the following services;

  • SEO
  • Web Design
  • Digital PR
  • Content

The above services will be set up perfectly for SME’s to be able to gain traction online whilst being affordable.

With our original focus mainly involving larger integrated projects we feel SME’s deserve the same amount of time and effort. We have seen on many occasions a lot of small businesses drain their marketing budget incorrectly due to false promises or bad advice from the outset. The department are keen to help businesses falling into the trap of wasting their funds before even beginning their online journey.

If you’re an entrepreneur or owner of an SME and struggling to find your feet online, then Digital Next Express can help guide you to success. For more information contact Chris Tipper at chris@digitalnext.co.uk, call 0161 674 9508 or visit www.digitalnext.co.uk.