Google AdWords and DoubleClick… It feels like they have been around for a lifetime but well over 15 years later we are finally saying goodbye – Well, maybe not entirely… What we are seeing is a serious rebranding campaign from AdWords to Google Ads, along with a combination of services by Google to help you as the user to effectively utilise these platforms.

Google AdWords set to become Google Ads

Lets begin with some of the more simplistic changes. The less convoluted adjustments are to Google AdWords or as it will be soon known as, Google Ads. That’s right, Google AdWords will cease to be and instead Google Ads will be standing in its place. The name change seems like the logical decision to make as not all Google ads campaigns focus on words. By calling the platform “AdWords” it may be putting off potential users who assume that this is a word-based platform.

google ads

Looking back about 15 years, Google AdWords did focus on word-based ads but if you look at it today you may be surprised to see the range of ads it now supports. This includes ads such as Videos, apps, Search, YouTube and many more types of ads. Knowing this shows that it may be time to make a change to the name, which is what Google has now decided to do with the emergence of Google Ads.

You may be wondering about some of the recent changes to AdWords and if they are related to the rebranding campaign to Google Ads. To answer your question, it seems unlikely. These changes include a big change to the User Interface (UI), but the changes seem to have been because they were needed by the platform instead of being part of the rebranding process. For anyone who is wondering what a user Interface is, a user-interface is the point where the Computer meets the user (You). In short, it is essentially what you are seeing on the screen.

Hello Google Marketing Platform

Now while changing the name of Google AdWords to Google Ads may not be the huge change you were expecting, I think you will agree that the changes to DoubleClick are on a much larger scale.

google ads

What Google has planned is to strip down DoubleClick Digital Marketing into sections and then add these sections to the Google Marketing Platform. The DoubleClick services are also being merged with Analytics 360 to form something more. When visiting the Google Marketing Platform, you can expect to see some new options such as “Display & Video 360”, this service is a combination of both DoubleClick and Analytics 360.

google ads

Combining these services together and grouping them under the Google Marketing Platform will give users such as yourself, a better experience as well as helping to make good use of all the services on offer.

The Birth of Google Ads Manager

google ads

We still have one final big change to explore and this change is the creation of Google Ad Manager. It’s been over 10 years that Google successfully acquired DoubleClick, beating companies such as Microsoft in doing so. For the past 3 years of this time, Google has been trying the unify parts of the DoubleClick services and it looks like they may have succeeded. The new unified platform, Google Ads Manager combines DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) into one.