At Digital Next we love developing long-lasting relationships with local businesses, and this was most definitely the case when we welcomed Paul’s Hair World into our humble abode to try out some of their Halloween products out on members of our team – in haste of our collaborative Halloween party organised for 31st October 2014.

Swiftly following their arrival, Nikki and Louise of Paul’s Hair World got to work making our ‘test subjects’, Hayley, Jesse and Tom, look frightening (well, more frightening than they do already at least) using a variety of products that are now available in their diverse Halloween range.

First up was Tom (me), who was selected to trial the werewolf make up kit along with a complementary wig and sideburns combination (the beard was provided by myself). The basecoat was initially applied a number of times in order to provide a light-toned brown background and really enhance the effects of the use of darker paint.

After the basecoat had dried (no, that’s not fake tan), black paint was utilised for the nose and eyebrows to emit the illusion that they were bushy and boasting a style that’s sure to attract countless other werewolves.

Once the face paint had been completed, it was time to fit the wig which was a perfect fit and the final addition to the outfit that truly completed this Halloween look (see below). However, there were some coloured contact lenses that suit this look perfectly but Tom unfortunately refused to wear them so you’ll have to imagine he is…

Next in the firing line was Hayley, who had been selected to trial a witches costume and make up kit. The first element of this costume was the application of a green basecoat, before the addition of black paint for a cobweb just over the right eye, to darken the eyebrows and two subtle spots on the chin and cheek.

Subsequently, red lipstick was added to Hayley’s lips along with a black/grey curly wig, eye lashes, and a pair of red and green contact lenses to fully complete the look. We assumed that Hayley would bring her own broomstick, but maybe that was a little too much to expect…

Last but definitely not least of all, was Jessie, who was to become a ghost doll. A white undercoat, red blusher, red lipstick and black cracks were applied to the face giving the impression that Jessie was worn and used.

The final additions to this look was a curly black wig, a pair of black fake eyelashes and some black and white contact lenses, which really completed the look and made her look frightfully haunting.

We are all very much looking forward to our Halloween bash with Paul’s Hair World and sure that it will be a night for all to remember.