Are you hoping to use Instagram Stories to attract higher engagement with your followers? Do you want to up your game when it comes to uploading entertaining snapshots of your brand? Here we let you in on a few secrets that will help you share your business with the world of Instagram; from visual text to making magic happen.

So, get your Instagram account ready and dive into some of these not-so-secret hacks for your business.

Creating the perfect colour match


Ditch the default colour tray currently available on Instagram Stories and instead, find the exact shade to tell your story in the most visual way, whether it’s your brand colours or something completely unique to your followers. To achieve this, use the eyedropper tool to match a colour that is already in your video or picture, and then use it to type to your heart’s content.



Rainbows make it better


You might think turning your Instagram Stories’ text into a rainbow takes a lot of effort, using different colours to change each letter; luckily for you, this isn’t the case. To impress your followers with a visually appealing gradient rainbow text, first select all the text. Then, use one finger to tap and hold down any colour on the palette, then another finger to tap and hold the blue text selector line.

Thankfully it’s not making each letter a different colour!



Colour in your background


Are you looking for a block colour for the background of your story, but don’t want to use the brush to fill it in manually? You don’t have to!

To access a full-screen colour effect, choose a colour then hold you finger down on the screen; after a couple of seconds, it should make the whole screen your chosen colour. For an extra tip; the marker brush will give you an opaque colour, while the chisel tip marker will provide a semi-transparent effect, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve.

You can use this trick if you just want a Instagram Story of text, or combine it with the eraser tool to reveal a hidden message over a series of frames.



Pictures that move


You can now use your Live Photos on your Instagram Story, so if you’ve not had much use for them so far, now is your chance. Turn your Live Photos into a Boomerang simply by uploading the photo to your story, and hold it down. This will bring your picture to life, and they usually turn out better than the Boomerangs you try to plan down to the last movement.


So, next time you’re stuck for creative ways to use your Instagram Story, remember these handy tips to make your account stand out a little more from the rest!