An integrated blogging strategy that suits your business can be difficult to get right. As an important SEO tactic that you should be utilising, a blog holds shareable content that shows off your brands personality and builds an engaged audience that will keep coming back. As we’ve iterated previously, link building is dead but publishing valuable content on a blog is a way to really get your brand noticed.

Even though consistency is key to a successful blogging strategy, as the saying goes… quality over quantity is important – there’s no use churning out blog after blog that are thin on content and not relevant to your sector as this could harm the authenticity of your brand.

Increase Indexed Pages

The indexed web currently contains around 4.7 billion pages and this has been constantly expanding since 1991, focus your SEO strategy on building quality indexed pages that your audience will find, read and engage with. Those Google spiders we hear so much about crawl your website to find relevant content related to a user search. The more relevant indexed pages you have, the more chance you have of your web page appearing on a user search, increasing conversion rates, driving the success of your business.

Engaged Audience

A blog can be a great place to put a personal touch on your brands image, you can be a bit more informal and use it as somewhere to announce behind the scenes company news that your readers won’t find elsewhere, as well as providing informative content that establishes you as an authoritative figure in the sector. Relative content increases inbound links by 97%; search engines love fresh, quality content and your audience does too!



Blogs have been ranked as the fifth most trusted source for reliable content; you know your business better than anyone and by creating valuable content related to your sector you can establish yourself as an authoritative figure. If you provide your readers with an engaging piece that is informative and well thought out, this is the first step to building an audience that will trust what you’re saying (it will also help make sure they come back AND they might even reward you in the long term by utilising your products or services).


Blog content can be integrated to complement an existing social media strategy that creates shareable content that will boost your reach across the different platforms and engage an audience.


Often, blogs are neglected as people simply do not have the time to be writing quality pieces that people want to read, but you can always outsource this to a specialist who will understand your business needs and targets to help you incorporate your blog into an overall marketing strategy.