Here at Digital Next, when it comes to web design and development our process is clear. It’s crucial that we understand our client’s businesses and their internal operations, before deploying a bespoke solution to heighten their online performance and presence.

Background about Gorvins

Recently crowned Law Firm of the Year at the City of Manchester Business Awards, Gorvins Solicitors is a regional, full service law firm based in Stockport with roots that can be traced back over 150 years. With 16 partners and over 100 staff, Gorvins specialist legal teams offer an array of legal disciplines to a diverse portfolio of clients from blue chip organisations and SME’s to private individuals and regulatory bodies.

What were Gorvins looking for?

Upon evaluation of Gorvins website requirements, we understood that Gorvins were looking to primarily improve user flow and experience to increase the number of qualified enquiries. Additionally, the new site will be used as a reference point to showcase their services when liaising with potential clients, so by simplifying the website structure Gorvins team are offered full control of day-to-day management. Before progressing, we identified the overall objectives that Gorvins are looking to achieve from their new website:

  • Gorvins brand promotion and lead generation
  • A fresh, clean and fully-responsive design, consistent with current branding
  • Usability improvements for mobile devices
  • Provide a visual representation of all Gorvins social media channels
  • New website platform for multimedia integration and user-friendly management

How did Digital Next help?

As mentioned above, when Gorvins came to us they were looking for an improved look and feel to their current site, with an emphasis on user experience and ability to integrate with all marketing channels. In addition to this, Gorvins were also looking for a user-friendly system that enables their team to manage their website with simplicity and ease. As such, Gorvins new website included the following features and functionality:

  • Advanced Contact Forms – Providing the ability to create forms that store enquiries into a database system allowing more control of the companies inbound data.
  • Newsletter Integration – Enabling customers to sign up to Gorvins regular newsletter which is controlled via a 3rd party supplier with no manual work needed.
  • Live Chat – Offering customers the opportunity to chat to a Gorvins representative through the new website.
  • World Pay Integration – Enabling customers to make payments owed to Gorvins for their legal services.
  • Fully Responsive Website – Offering customers a seamless experience no matter the device.
  • Improved Website Structure and Navigation – To improve the user flow for customers throughout the site and offer ease-of-use to the Gorvins team.
  • SSL Certificate integration – To maximise security and encrypt all data transfers between the website, server and user.

Head of Marketing at Gorvins, Paul Longmire:

“Our website and social media platforms are one of the most important sources of work for Gorvins. We wanted to make our online platforms more accessible to existing and potential clients whilst keeping ahead of the ever-changing digital market.”

Adam Ramsden, Head of Digital at Digital Next, went on to say:

“Working with the Gorvins’ team was a great experience for all involved, and their new website is a far better representation of their brand and expertise. For us, this was by far the best legal project we’ve worked on to date and are really happy with the completed project.”

Support and Maintenance

Gorvins decision making was also looking at a long term digital partner to support their growing digital presence, offering the right support package was key for Gorvins team to know they can lean on us when they need. The support and maintenance package provided to Gorvins will also help to ensure that, should the site ever go down for any reason, we can restore it with minimal downtime.

In addition to this, this support package extends to implementing improvements to key marketing landing pages or features that are geared towards heightening user experience.


When Gorvins came to us, their old site didn’t truly represent the strides that the company has made since last consulting an agency regarding web design. However, with our help, we’ve been able to deliver a stunning, responsive website with branding that epitomises what Gorvins Solicitors are all about and will help take them to the next level online. Not only that, but with us as their digital partner, they know that we’re by their side throughout their journey and always on hand to guide them on the path to online success!

As we’ve discussed in recent blogs – from how security is becoming more and more important as a ranking factor for Google to the importance of regularly maintaining and updating your CMS – keeping your website secure is becoming one of the single most important things your business can do.

With the use of Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Magento having increased exponentially over the past five years, it has given hackers an increased chance at exploiting flaws in the system. This is due in part to being provided with a large target area to focus on, as X amount of sites could potentially all have the same security vulnerability – whether due to a plug-in they’ve used or not updating their site to the current version.

This isn’t as time consuming for hackers as it sounds either. With the deployment of programmed bots, all the hard work is done for the hacker. Chances are the only bot you’ve heard of, especially if you run an SEO campaign, is the Googlebot which will visit your site and index the pages so they appear in search results. But they’re not the only ones out there. To counteract the worker-bee bots there are a bunch of malicious bots that are swarming across the net leaving a trail of hacked websites and downed services in their wake. In fact it was reported by Incapsula at the end of 2015 that while humans account for over half of online traffic, bad bots account for nearly a third.

Image Courtesy Imperva

We’re not immune from these attacks either. In fact three of our clients were hacked in 2015 by bots crawling their site and exploiting holes in their security, but due to our proactive approach and the web maintenance support contract these clients have with us we were able to deal with the threat, remove the hack and have their sites back online within 48 hours – an outstanding turnaround for any business.

Getting to the bottom of these hacks, we noticed a startling trend as all of the attacks were disguised as genuine requests made through website forms.

It is for this reason that we’ve recently partnered with one of the UK’s biggest hosting providers to offer Web Application Firewall (WAF) to further secure our client’s websites.

For those unfamiliar, WAF’s protect your data from hackers trying to exploit weaknesses in your application code by inspecting every web request that comes your way for cross-site scripting, SQL injection and over 400 other types of attacks – things that a traditional firewall will overlook and be unable to guard against.

How Web Application Firewall WAF works

By offering WAF as part of our Web Maintenance Package you benefit from:

  • Protection against application layer attacks
  • Protection from all inbound and outbound traffic, ensuring your database doesn’t release any information that it shouldn’t
  • Inbound traffic monitoring and report production which illustrates the level of traffic targeting your site
  • A specialised team of security experts overseeing your WAF and continually identifying new rules to better protect your site

This is on top of all the other important aspects of our Web Maintenance Package, including:

  • Updating your plug-ins and ensuring that they are all supported by the version of the CMS you have installed.
  • Checking your site regularly to ensure that everything is in full working order and your website is always compatible with the latest browser updates
  • Dealing with any issues you come across in as efficient a way as possible. This means there’s no frantic panicking if things go wrong or you’re not covered for web maintenance and don’t know how to fix an issue.

This all leads to peace of mind for you. By taking the burden of updates and concerns with compatibility away from you, it ensures that security is never a second thought and never unnecessarily delayed and you get the best possible protection by two of the UK’s best web companies.

Talk to our team today and find out how a Web Maintenance Package can give you peace of mind.

As the popularity of Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Magento and Joomla have grown and grown over recent years, they have helped open the web up to a variety of businesses and hobbyists. This is due to their easy builds, the variety of add-ons you can get, and simple ways of updating and managing a website.

Be that as it may a website is never a finished article, and as the popularity and use of CMS have grown they have become a target for exploitation by hackers. While previously hackers would have to solely focus on one site and probe for vulnerabilities – whether through a DDOS attack or Remote Code Execution – CMS have provided hackers with a large target area and just one focus due to the range of sites using a particular system or plug-in. So how do you stay ahead of any security issues that may arise and ensure your website is bullet-proof? Here are a few reasons of the importance of updating your CMS:

Stay Up To Date

You can be forgiven for not updating your CMS when you see a new update is available – clicking it can bring with it a variety of unforeseen issues with your site layout, incompatibility with your installed plug-ins, and a bunch of other headaches that might leave you wishing you could roll back the clock. Unfortunately these updates are never for minor cosmetic changes, they’re always fixing a security issue, problems with functionality, or even the CMS itself. As such they are very important.

Don’t Touch That Button!

Most hackers will use exploits in plug-ins as a way to get backdoor access to your website. WordPress is handy for telling you when a plug-in is out of date, but similar to updating the CMS there can be a variety of knock-on issues such as incompatibility with the update and issues with functionality.

Plug-in updates occur often and can be for anything – from minor bug fixes to security updates – and it is imperative that the plug-in will be supported by the version of the CMS you have prior to updating.

Routine Back-up

Backing up your work should be second nature for you. If you don’t regularly back-up your site, even if it’s just prior to installing updates, it can set your business or site back in a big way and mean you not only lose out on visitors but potential revenue too.

Having a clean back-up of your site ensures that any inconvenience of a hack is quickly dealt with and can make it much easier to get back to normal if your site is compromised.

It’s estimated that 30,000 website are hacked every day. With this startling statistic in mind, it’s important that you don’t become a statistic.

If you want help or advice about maintaining your website, get in touch with our Web Development team today.