Digital Next are proud to present Yahya Maasher, the latest teenage reviewing sensation taking YouTube by storm. Yahya only moved to Manchester five years ago from Yemen but has already earned thousands of pounds from his YouTube channel where brands send him technology products to review. His YouTube channel, Yahya M, is watched thousands of times each week, with viewers tuning in to hear his opinion on new phones, apps and cloud computing services.

Yahya first discovered his knack for technology by trying to get better reception on his television in Yemen. The Manchester Academy pupil said:

“In Yemen the TV reception was really bad and we couldn’t get a good picture, so I got the right wires to mend that, then I got books from school and learned to fix a computer.”

The teenager, who lives in Old Trafford, is sent free products from companies including Vodafone to review online, while at school, classmates give him their broken phones and tablets to fix – which he does for free.

It was during a visit to Yahya’s school, where Digital Next delivered a workshop to pupils entering a competition asking them to design a digital marketing campaign, that Yahya first came to our attention. Since then, the company has mentored and supported Yahya gaining him media and press intention as well as providing him with invaluable advice on how to gain more views and utilise his channel more effectively.

After university, Yahya is hoping to go into a career in the digital sector but for now his focus is on his school work and growing his YouTube channel.

We look forward to seeing what Yahya has up his sleeve next!