Link earning has become increasingly challenging over the last few years due to Google’s algorithm changes, which has ensured businesses refrain from artificial link building and maintain the natural process of link earning. Links now have the power to affect your search engine rankings both positively and negatively. Therefore more time and thought is needed to form an integrated strategy to earn valuable links.

Quality Content

You will have heard it before, content is king. Producing high quality content is significant, not only to earn genuine links, but to build a social media presence and fulfil a content hungry audience.

Creating content which is remarkable, shareable and useful are the fundamental features of content marketing strategy. There is no short cut to generating quality content, it requires genuine hard work, research and skill.

This allows businesses the chance to show creative flare and think outside the box to compete in a given industry. It is important to create content your audience will appreciate, content which will travel further through the web naturally.  Capturing and producing what people are talking about can ensure a word of mouth effect. Done correctly, this will grow your audience, boost website traffic and earn links.

content marketing

If your content is of a high standard, it will be borrowed, utilised in different blogs and shared across the web – naturally earning those all-important links. Your content is also a representation of your company and website – demonstrating value will ensure you are link worthy and will help you grow your domain authority.

Quality content that meets a demand generates its own links and is the backbone of any organic link earning campaign.

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool to amplify your message. Utilising channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter distributes your content to a larger audience. Sharing links to your blogs, pictures and videos can generate higher traffic to your website. Social media allows people to share and engage with content in more ways than ever.

Listening to social media channels can give marketers a strong understanding of what their audience is like. Understanding social trends can give you the the edge in a cluttered marketplace. People want to talk about relevant topics. What is relevant is more likely to be shared. Content teams can gain insight into how their audience think, utilising this knowledge to provide link worthy content.

social media

Being an active member of community and engaging with fellow users will help form online relationships. Use these relationships to grow your social following for greater link opportunities.

Researching and connecting with prominent figures on the web can give your business the edge in social media. Outreach to social media influencers is a powerful tactic. If this is done properly, influencers can endorse your content and can have a phenomenal effect on your organic reach.

A social buzz maintains a strong digital presence and is an effective indirect link earning tactic.


Thirdly, a networking strategy is vital in earning links. Forming genuine relationships with editors, bloggers, influencers and journalists can lead to increased exposure. Build these connections by showing your knowledge and proving you are of value to them. Understanding their area of expertise and ensuring your relationship can be of mutual value can generate a huge amount of inbound links for a given website.

Networking is all about speaking to the right people for your business, understanding where opportunities are and creating new connections within your network. Being able to out think your competition will ensure you stay one step ahead.


Building relationships offline as well as online is important. Consider attending conferences or networking events to meet new contacts. Meeting in person determines credibility and is an opportunity to get a feel for who you will be working with.

Content, social media and networking are crucial elements of organic link earning. Take time to understand your audience, provide them value and they will reward you.

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