This fight is centuries old (okay, not quite), it takes no prisoners and in the end, there still seems to be no clear winner in some people’s eyes. No, we are not talking about whether Donald Trump’s hair is real or not, we aren’t discussing who came first the chicken or the egg either; we are actually talking about which is better for business, a Mac or a PC?

Ever since Apple announced it was creating the Macs (Macintosh computers) in 1984, the world has been undecided as to which is better for business. Do you stick with the classic PC with everything from Windows to PowerPoint and Paint or do you spend that little bit extra and opt for the Mac?

why are macs better for business

Macs are Built to last

It is a well-known fact that Macs last longer that PCs. On average, a brand new PC works well for 2.5 years, yet the Mac is said to work in peak condition for an average of 5 years. Both of these figures are obviously dependent on how you take care of your computer, how often you use it but the software and build must take some credit too.

Surely this is argument enough as to why consumers should splash a little more cash and move away from a £200-£700 PC towards a £1000+ Mac computer? With this more expensive price tag, the Mac offers top of the line specifications, unbeatable performance and is a great investment. Your business doesn’t need to be purchasing laptops each 2 years, it needs to be investing in quality PCs.


Every PC is updated from time to time. The latest software arrives, the whole world wants it and then your computer has a breakdown and sets on fire.

That’s standard practice, right?

With Mac, the iOS updates are efficient, seamless and regular. This means that your Mac can be linked to your other iOS devices with ease – without it melting or setting on fire. The Mac has had many models throughout the years, from iMac and MacBooks to Macs and MacBook Minis, there are even a variety of models to choose from.

In Office Productivity

In the office you may not realise what you are missing out on if you are still working with a PC and not a Mac. Much more than Windows software (which can also be used on a Mac), you can be using design and specification features that can improve your productivity. These are things such as the “butterfly” keyboard and the wide variety of different apps and programs.

The “butterfly” keyboard simply refers to the motion used when typing on a Mac. It means you have less travel time from key to key which can increase your productivity and efficiency.

Alongside this, the lack of maintenance makes it relatively hassle free within the office. Arriving with built-in antivirus software, the Mac also offers better security than PCs. With the number of cyber crimes on the rise, you need to know that your work and your business is safe from hacking or viruses. With the Mac, MacBook Pro, iMac and all other Mac models, they are known to suffer (on average, dependent on who you ask) less cyber-attacks than regular PCs.


As our Head of Content put it, “When you pull out a MacBook, everyone knows you mean business!” Apple’s online community and global presence means that people can easily recognise their brand. When you arrive at a meeting, conference or even the office each day, pulling a Mac from your bag seems to resonate your determination to further your business. No longer are you lugging around a laptop that weighs 15 stone and smokes when it gets too warm, show your customers you are determined to succeed with a high-end piece of equipment like a Mac under your arm.

From this it may be plain to see that here at Digital Next we are pretty much Team Mac rather than Team PC. But which side are you on?

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