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People’s search habits are changing – Mobile is the new king of search!

But you knew that already didn’t you? Well, if you didn’t:

a) You do now!
b) You certainly should have done! Hang your head in shame!

So we have all heard about how mobile searches are overtaking other search queries made from desktops, laptops or tablets. In fact, this is true for over 10 countries in the world including the UK, USA and Japan. Although this information is all well and good, what does it really mean for your organic or paid search campaign? What does it mean for the modern search engine marketer?

what is a micro moment

The future is bright, the future is mobile…

Well in a nutshell it means that there has been a continuous shift away from long desktop/laptop sessions for research purposes. Instead, people are reaching for their smart phone device in a micro moment of intent and consequently spending less time endlessly researching and comparing.

mobile shopping

This is further highlighted by these lovely facts and figures indicating examples of where we may experience such micro moments of intent:

  • Ever stopped mid-conversation to look for something up on your smart device? 60% of smartphone users have reportedly done the same thing.
  • Searched to find the nearest coffee shop?A whopping 82% of smartphone users turn to a search engine when looking for a local business.
  • 82% of smartphone users turn to their phones while in a brick and mortar shop deciding what to buy.
  • 39% of consumers have made a purchase in their kitchen, and a further 28% still have done the same in their car.

These figures are partly due to a rise in user expectation, as they’ll want the exact information they were looking for, in an easily digestible format and they want it yesterday (such is the demand). So in essence, what we have here is a user engagement catch-22 situation.

As marketers have improved the user experience of their online efforts to boost engagement with the user, the person making the search now expects (and demands) the most relevant and up-to-date results to their query…otherwise, they are almost immediately disengaged. We as marketers therefore, must work hard to improve what we are doing to offer a more engaging experience for users and making them want to return for more! Round and round and round we go!

Can you spare a micro moment?

So what do we really have here? The rise and rise of what we know as a ‘Micro Moment’ a super-high intent search. “All this is great Mark” I hear you say, “But what does it mean for me?”

“Billions of times per day, consumers turn to Google for I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy moments. And at these times, consumers are increasingly picking up their smartphones for answers.”

Jerry Dischler, VP
Product Management, Adwords

Well, in short, it means that just ‘being visible’, in a prospective search, isn’t going to cut it anymore. Even if you think you are targeting the various segments of your market in an intelligent way, there is a good chance you are missing out on consumers’ micro moments.

Never before has the need to understand your market, how people in your market think and how they engage with you, been more important. An in-depth and concise strategy for each of your market segments needs to be drawn up, implemented and reviewed rigorously otherwise you will simply be throwing your advertising spend away time and time again. And clearly no one wants that!

throwing money away

Here at Digital Next, we know this to be true and as such take steps to ensure that you are targeting your audience in the right kind of way, at the right time, and with the right message. We’ll show you how you can take full advantage of your customers’ micro moments and tailor your campaigns to offer exactly what your audience is looking for.

Come one, come all, get in touch, get a FREE audit of your paid search campaigns and begin to reap the rewards of targeting consumers’ micro moments!

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