Digital Next, the global search specialist and secure web development agency, are delighted to announce that the renowned tech entrepreneur Scott Fletcher MBE is to join their board along with founders Justin and Mark Blackhurst, and Vaibhav Kakkar.

Scott has agreed to buy the equity currently held by Online Group Europe AB, and provide further funding for the business as required to support growth, an investment he says will help Digital Next “realise its full potential”.  Global CEO of Digital Next, Justin Blackhurst, agrees: “we are now perfectly positioned as a business with the appropriate backing on the board to take the brand to the next level”.

Scott is one of the UK’s leading tech entrepreneurs, and already heads up companies’ worth in excess of £200m.  He brings a wealth of experience, not least from the business he founded when just 22 years old, ANS, which is now a leading UK cloud service provider.  Digital Next will sit alongside his other technology sector businesses which have a combined annual turnover of close to £100 million.

Based in Manchester’s tech hub at the Sharp Project, Digital Next is continually expanding, with offices opening in London, Dublin, Melbourne and most recently in the UAE.  Scott described Digital Next as a “great brand” that “fits well” with his other businesses.

Scott, Justin and Mark have the shared experience of creating a company in a back bedroom, and developing it into a multi-million pound enterprise.  Digital Next was established in 2009 and since then it has grown into a leading global agency with a projected turnover of £3million and 50+ staff around the world.

Digital Next have secured significant clients in the UK including Unipart, Forever Unique and the England & Wales Cricket Board all using their search marketing and secure web development services, with Scott determined to continue this trend and to “fast-track their growth”.

Scott Fletcher MBE:

Scott Fletcher MBE

“I have known Mark and Justin ever since I met them at a Google event in 2012, it was clear they had a vision and drive to achieve their ultimate goals. We did discuss working together in the past, but the timing was never right until now. It seemed clear to me that Digital Next needed my know-how and capital investment to realise its full potential. Like myself, Mark and Justin started in a back bedroom, I now want to give them the benefit of my experience and fast track their growth. I’m really excited about this deal, Digital Next is a great brand and fits well with my other businesses.”

Justin Blackhurst – Global CEO of Digital Next:

“It became apparent we needed to decouple from our Swedish partners this year. We wish them all the best and have agreed to part company amicably, Scott joins the board to enable us to move forward quickly now. All the recent hard work developing the management leadership team and installing the correct infrastructure is now paying off and Scott provides us with the access to capital that we need. I have never been more excited about our future as we are now perfectly positioned to take the brand to the next level.”

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