Gary Douglas

Technical SEO Manager

Gary is our Head of Search here at Digital Next, his day to day responsibilities are to ensure that as a company, our organic search offerings are the best that they can be and our performance is positive company wide. Gary is also responsible for overlooking our client base from a technical perspective to ensure that each website is technically sound and fit for purpose.

In his spare time, Gary likes to keep up to date with industry trends as being able to spot an issue with a website is crucial. A lot of his time is also taken with his son, but they still like to get away and travel whether it is within the UK or abroad.

Likes: The Summer, Chicken Pakoras and Dirty Beats
Nickname: Gazza
articles written by Gary
26.01.2017 – Gary Douglas
Non-Secure Collection of Passwords will trigger warnings

Starting over the Christmas period, Google started sending out messages to webmasters that collect ‘Passwords and credit card details’ on pages that are not secure. The…

26.09.2016 – Gary Douglas
Happy Google Penguin 4.0 Day

Today it has been confirmed that Google Penguin 4.0 has started to roll out, and that it is now part of the core algorithm. For several…

17.08.2016 – Gary Douglas
Geo-targeting Your Website

There are many reason you need to carefully consider how you choose to geo-target your website, and there are different ways of looking at it. From…

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