Total Users

↑ 98%

Page Views

↑ 151%

Bounce Rate

↓ 26%

Thanks to the team at Digital Next, enquiries and bookings have increased year-round – not just during our busy periods!

James Pass - Inn On The Square


Like most hotels, Inn on the Square has busy periods and quiet periods – something they wanted to change. Recognising the importance of organic search, the team at Inn on the Square decided to utilise our expertise to help increase traffic and reduce their spend on third party advertising.


Thanks to our hands-on approach to organic traffic, Inn on The Square’s content strategy was a resounding success.

By creating factual, engaging content about visiting the Lake District, we ensured that their site became an authority for related keywords. As a result, they had an increase in online visibility, an increase in bookings, and most importantly, an increase in revenue.

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